Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Things We Learn

God has blessed in such a wonderful way this week. I can't explain it all, but He has used a series of messages to reveal some things to my heart about myself. The messages came from Evangelist, Chuck Crabtree. I believe I mentioned him in my last post. We knew Evangelist Crabtree from when we lived in South Carolina, though he is from the West. When I googled his name, up came, there I found "Be Humble to be Used By God", "Let God Use You Where You Are" and "Obedience Brings Blessings" (the last of which I have yet to hear). These all taken from II Tim. 2:1,2.

I am convinced that I learned things about myself today because I slowed down long enough to listen and let God reveal them to me. It didn't take hours of study, it took minutes of meditation. When God used it over a period of two or three days He is getting them settled down in my heart. By His grace these "besetting sins" (even though I had been doing them mostly out of ignorance, perhaps "presumptuous sins"?) will never beset me again. I wonder how many other Christians they "beset" along the way. For this I am so sorry!

When I was a young Christian I remember reading the verse from the Psalms which speaks of declaring things "among the great congregation". I understood it to be the body of the believers. I know that blogging is a medium that encompasses not only you, dear believers, but also those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ yet. I wish to shout it from the housetops when God reveals these things to me. I'm sure you do too. Blogging is a wonderful way to do just that!

I will leave you with a picture of the beautiful snowfall we have this morning. It is taken from our back porch. Look at that lonnnnggg icicle!

This is our resident owl that sits out back...keeping our rodent population down!

Isn't this a beautiful Amarylis? Given to us by a Post office patron
Me and Mr Lion (a gift from Syd years ago). When you squeeze his paw he goes, "grr, rrr, GRR" and shakes all over. He  visits our PO on Valentine's Day every year. The children (and adults ) love him.