Daily Meditations On The Hill

This page is only contemplative at this time. Sometimes I am sure that people would like to go to a blog and see pretty photos, every day happenings and perhaps see less journaling. It is the journaling that lead me to blogging in the first place. I had a dear friend from the hometown leave the area and wished to keep contact via a point that we were both familiar with, Darling Hill. That was only part of the reason I started blogging. Our sweet church families live 1 and 2 hours apart, therefore we don't get to see each other except on Sundays. There is very little time to share blessings that we have learned from God's Word, as the Lord's day is a busy time in the Scriptures and everyone is trying to catch up, see all the things the children have learned, etc. etc. Any desire for a ladies group where we can teach and learn from one another is pretty well not an option. The blogs can be a wonderful way to share blessings that the Lord has given to one another through His Word as well as physical things that He has blessed us with.

It is with these thought "Daily Meditations on the Hill" may be developed into the "spiritual blessings" page, so that those who just want to see what's been happening around Darling Hill can do so without having to listen to my long-winded babblings. Sometimes when I read something, I just want to BURST until I can write it down or share it with another lady. My husband, of course, is the first recipient but oftentimes it is something that only another woman can really relate to and understand. So, in the future, you might just see something written in this "stand alone" page of Daily Meditations. Of course, this will mean that I actually must learn HOW to make it a separate page on the blog! I will have to study on that first!


  1. Well, that was easy enough to set up. Guess I'll try to keep Daily Meditations.... going now. Take care! Cyndy

  2. LOL!!! I thought I missed that button on top and was wondering how!! Now I see that your comment is only a couple days old. Looking forward to your posts here, they are often just a perfect moment of refreshing during the day :).