Friday, August 19, 2011

Late Summer Reflections

It is mid August and the air is hot and breezy. As we sat, sipping coffee on the porch, we listened to the call of the locusts and wondered whether it was due to size or species, that their tones were so varied. Monarchs flitted by; arial artists on the wind. First upside down, then sideways; stopping on the goldenrod which is in full bloom now. Their red clover has passed by and only brown heads remain. They will be missed as the pinks lent their color to fields which will be covered with only golds and browns soon. I almost hate to think of this as late-summer but one must look reality in the face and see that even the maples are beginning to tell us so.

Autumn is truly my favorite time of year, but the passing of Summer is still a sad thing. It is like when someone dies. This particular Summer will never return again but will be buried beneath the leaves and eventually a heavy blanket of white snow. Yes, a new one will spring up, as beautiful as this one was but we will all be a year older; so perhaps we should say, a year wiser, to enjoy it even more!

We walk down the long drive and see the blackberries growing in the tangle of shrubs and brush. They are certainly huge this year. As I enjoy the sweet, juicy fruit I thank the Lord for making such a wonderful treat; and all wrapped up in a clean, edible package!

When we neared my brother's cabin, Mom and I parted ways. Ruger went on his coveted walk with "Grammy" while Coco and I continued on down the hill to start supper and pick a few things from the garden. Coco is just too little to keep track of and, anyway, Ruger loves his alone-time with Mom.

I expect we have a beautiful late-Summer evening to look forward to. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for taking part in our afternoon here on the hill.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Troubles Without

Though it appeared that all was quiet on the hill at 6:00 this morning, something troubling obviously lurked outside. Ruger became very edgy; barking and pacing in the driveway. I tend not to let him carry on and bark too much in the yard, especially at this hour, so I let him in where he continued the behavior; pacing to the door and up onto the stair landing, which acts as his perch while he watches through the window for any outdoor activity. I could see nothing; nothing in the yard; nothing in the field above; nothing in the hedgerow across the road; but there was something out there. When I got him through the full-bark stage, he was told to lay down and there he continued to grunt, half-bark, groan and quietly "woof". He's a great watchdog and I am thankful that this scene does not happen very often.

Little Coco is visiting this week and had never heard Ruger bark in the house. She decided that tight to my lap was the safest place to be, and that's the position she assumed.

It is hard to concentrate on reading anything when you are constantly reminding someone to, "shhh", "lie down" and "okay, that's enough". I am studying from John 15 about Abiding in Christ. This study has been so good. Small phrases and words that I needed refreshing on, or had not seen before keep popping up; "clean through the Word", "and I in you", "my words abide". The Bible is truly a Living book. We can never come to the end of what God can teach us through it. I love to talk to elderly saints who are still learning and growing through God's Word.

The episode with the dog this morning made me think of some of the verses in the epistles. In II Corinthians, Paul related that when they were come into Macedonia they had no rest. It said, "we were troubled on every side; without were fightings, within were fears. Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down comforted us..." In Galatians, Paul writes that "there be some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ." In chapter five he refers to one who troubled the believers, that he would "bear his judgement".

There will be those things or people who will trouble us from without and perhaps even cause fears to arise within. Whether this person or circumstance is troubling us physically or spiritually, we have a God who comforts us!

It's 7:22 and the trouble on the hill seems to have passed. Only an occasional half grunt is heard now. No doubt, later today I will hear from a neighbor that a bear was out on their back lawn or a coyote was in the other neighbor's yard eyeing her chickens. The last two times that Ruger acted this way these were the causes. Coco has moved back to her spot, nestled into the blankets on the couch. All is quiet here again.

Now may be just the time to be able to concentrate on reading again. I hope you have a quiet morning, wherever you are.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Waters Gushed Forth!

My hubby rented a backhoe this past weekend. He dug a trench that led from our house, down into the edge of the woods where the promised waters lay beneath the ground. We were told that two branches of water came together in this spot. As Syd neared the dig-site, he was praying that he truly would make a strike, especially since we are in a dry spell at this time. I relate this story as it was told to me. Once the trench was completed Syd positioned the backhoe and planted its feet in the rich, black earth. When he was about 3 foot down he began to hit dry, sandy soil. That was not a good sign, he thought. Down about another foot or two it was a bit wetter and he started to see seepage. Within another foot he had seen a trickle of water coming through the walls; then with his next scoop the waters came gushing in! He figured the scoop to be about 20 gallons, as it appeared to be four 5-gallon pails of dirt lying there. By the time he swung the bucket back around, the hole was FULL of water! He dug the hole down to solid ledge. We now have an 8 X 4 foot hole with about 5 feet of water standing in it. Next come the well tiles, etc. (which I say because I don't know the details of all that comes next).

I do know that I am looking forward to water running right into the house, though I've been getting used to the hauling and heating. Oh yes, did I mention, it will be cold AND HOT water? We have a brand new water heater waiting to be fired up!

The Lord blessed us with water even during a dry time. He so often does this spiritually also. There are times when I seem to be spiritually dry; not of the Lord's will, but because of my own inner struggles. Even during these times when He does not seem so near, He is there holding me up; "And underneath are the everlasting arms". I am so thankful that the Lord is always faithful even when we may not be. He brought the Israelites water in a dry and thirsty land, "where no water is". There was the Rock from which water gushed forth to sustain that entire nation.

We are thanking Him for bringing us water; both physical and spiritual!