Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tune Out The Noise

Wow! it is extremely cold these days and it makes us all thankful for warm home and also reminds me to pray for others who have no house; that they will have an open door to enter into and stay warm!

Today's kitchen message was by Matt Costella from the Fundamental Evangelistic Association. What a blessing this sermon was from II Thessalonians. It was entitled, Tune Out The Noise, and he reminded me that "though ye know" these things, we continually need to be reminded of them!

I'm glad for messages to point me to tuning out the noise and tuning into God's peace. Yesterday I was hungry to hear the voice of a woman. Women have a way of ministering to other women like no one else can. As a young believer we were encouraged by our Pastor's wife to take turns in our ladies' meetings sharing aloud from God's Word with other ladies. It is an extreme terror and blessing at the same time. As most of you, I'd rather be on the receiving end! I do encourage though, never give up an invitation and opportunity to stand in front of other women and give out what God has laid upon your heart. He is faithful to teach us how to do it and it certainly forces us to trust in the Lord alone. If done in obedience, God is faithful to make each time more and more of a blessing.

Getting back to yesterday...I ended up listening to a devotional from Elisabeth Elliot. I am not promoting her, as I know nothing about her except what I "gathered" yesterday and am not going to get into here. God used the devotionals (I heard two) immensely in my heart. One was "I Keep a Quiet Heart" and it prepared me for Matt Costella's message today. You notice, as I do, that God has a perfect way of orchestrating our days, causing one to flow into another, bringing us to a readiness to come together at our local church with other brothers and sisters where we can minister together in love. The only snare is when my heart is not in tune with the orchestra! As Mr Costella said today (and so did Elisabeth yesterday), like all children, we constantly need reminders!

I hope that you are staying in near the fire today. God has me venturing out at midday to sell stamps for the afternoon. Tomorrow morning I get to be in a tiny office in a neighboring town, one that I have never worked in before. I hope to remember my camera, as it is so quaint and there's a resident-cat, Zipcode, that I want to get a picture of. More on that in the near future!

"We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly, and the charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth." II Thess. 1:3

Take care and thanks so much for stopping by to read.

Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Been Weeks!

I can't believe that I have not posted since New Year's Day! We've been having blessed weeks, but have not been sharing via the blog. God has been answering prayer and we trust will be sending deeper "revival" in our own hearts and spreading through the local churches! Our friend, Mike, is in prayer for this for us as well as for his home church in South Carolina. We share with him on a weekly basis that we are in prayer for Beth Haven Baptist along with Vershire Bible Church. God is using our Pastor to prick our hearts, as well as messages by "visiting pastors" through

Sunday's message at church was from Romans chapter 1. What a blessing to be
"Thankful and Accountable to our Creator, God!"

A week ago we hung an "invitation" down at the post office as well as on many bulletin boards throughout nearby towns. It reads: 
"In the News, daily, we read and hear of 
Murder, Theft and Suicide.
these stem from
Hatred & Selfishness
Jesus Christ died on the cross for these very sins.
He is the only One who can take them away from a
person and replace them with true Love that
comes from God.
You are invited to..."
the church name and times of service follow, along with the quote from Romans 5:8,9. At the bottom are three little tear-off tabs that give "the gospel" according to I Cor. 15:3,4 with the church phone number and service times listed again. Please pray with us that God will use these as well as our mouths and tracts to help open the eyes of unsaved neighbors, some of whom He is already likely working in. More than ever we are beginning to see that the Lord wants us to have great faith in these "last days"; faith that He is in control and blesses sincere prayer and obedience. 

Sunday's message was so pointed and perfect in cementing the burden that God has been giving Syd and myself for the unsaved, blind and hurting people around us. The little quote above, "Thankful and Accountable to our Creator, God" may be the opening line for the next "invitation" that can be hung up. People may get sick and tired of seeing these posted everywhere, but God willing, He can use His Word that is publicly posted, to convict hearts. Always I see the local cults posting invitations to their seminars. Praise the Lord that we Christians are still free to publicly speak and post God's Word also!
If you are a "pray"-er, would you pray along with us?  Time is short and seems to go faster every day. We need to redeem it, as the Bible says!

I leave you with a couple of photos. Something was going on outside in the darkness this morning. I called Ruger down from the hill across the road where he was barking (loudly and a little too early in the morning). He reluctantly returned but posted himself "at the gate" of the house... 
the reflection from the inside window makes this look like a double-exposure, sorry
 ..while little Sturm was at his place "in the tower". Both were alert for quite some time.
Sturm doesn't stay still long, so a little blurry. He stands on the stair landing, looking diligently
 Yes, our home is also guarded by a Sturm & Ruger!