Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Making Orange Juice Without an Orange?

Future Sunday School lessons (here, very abbreviated)

Lessons From the Epistles~

I value the things that were repeatedly and patiently taught me while I was a baby Christian. These early lessons were just the beginning of a lifetime of lessons. Our church is filled with children. These young people are on their way to Christlikeness! During this past year our lessons have been on walking, step by step. Today's thoughts were scribbled down while reading Ephesians 5. Simply, lessons from the Epistles. Sadly, even a Christian can try to walk the walk without relying on the Holy Spirit.

"And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit." 5:18

...speaking to yourselves, singing with grace in your hearts, giving thanks always, submitting one to another...
all impossible in our own strength.

"This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh." Galatians 5:16

An interesting observation, I thought:
Don't keep trying to make a byproduct without the Source!
This will lead to a Christian life of frustration, disappointment and defeat.

You can't make orange juice without an ORANGE!

Out my window today:

While I was making lunch I kept hearing Mom talking outside. When I went to the window both times, these are the things I saw. Sturm seemed to be listening intently; Ruger too, as Grammy pointed something out to him.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Labors

Today was a good one for just getting a few things done around the house...things I see as I'm already almost out the door, saying, "I'd better get to that one of these days soon". Syd is fighting a kidney stone with possible bladder infection too, but we're treating it as best we can till he can see the doc. He coated the inside of the bed of the truck first thing today and is now up and down the ladder doing a very special job ("before and after" at the end of this post).

As I was outside taking a few pictures I noticed that we're getting closed in by jewel weed (spotted touch-me-not). I hate to whack it all down because the hummingbirds just go from one tiny flower to the other. We really enjoy seeing them busily collecting their nectar this time of year.

There are all kinds of excuses for not doing some jobs! I was washing a few windows this morning and decided to just wait on the outside of this one. Check out the intricacy of this busy spider's webs! It's no wonder we have not had any moths in the house for weeks! These webs are just outside our front stoop. I'll admit, I check quite carefully at 5:00 a.m. when I go out with the dogs. I'd rather not run into this guy face-to-face!

I bought a broken hay rake at a local farm-yard sale a couple weeks ago. I wanted it for this corner and got it hung today.  The weathervane arrow had just been kicking around. I like it here.

My Sweetie and I could hear "snap...snap...snap" while we were sipping coffee outside during late morning. The dogs indicated that it was a near-neighbor. Sure enough, it was Mom, making her way down through the woods, picking up sticks and stacking them neatly in little piles (you'll see them ALL through her woods). She came down for coffee and then we had some chicken salad sandwiches and fresh tomato from the garden.

After we ate, Mom went on her way through the woods, snapping and piling all along the paths. A bit later the dogs and I went looking for her. See how neat and orderly these woods' paths are? it's like walking through a park. Sorry, some of the photos shaky because I had a little dog often pulling at my camera arm.

piles, piles, everywhere...

Then we found Mom, not in the woods, but taking a coffee break at her house!

She decided to walk back down with us. Here she is beside one of her piles. No, she didn't just put that HUGE stick on there! though it looks it in this picture.

this mushroom totally took over the top of the stump.

The blackberries are really coming along. Below is Sturm's first taste of a blackberry. Ruger eats them off the bushes. Sturm kept taking it into his mouth and then spitting it out and trying it again. He finally did eat it; after all, it's something to EAT!

Our apples are SO much more plentiful this year, but not as good as in past years.

When we reached the house Syd was JUST cutting the last piece to his project. One of these days I'll relate the "Syd loves Cyndy" stories.

He said that he decided to place it "right here", he was just getting the nails started actually.

See those orange leaves up there? hmm!


the Tyvek had really taken a beating, hadn't it!?

And don't we look pleased?! We are! very pleased, and THANKFUL for the Lord's provision!

connecting and finishing this wrap around deck/porch is the next project
We hope that you all had a nice Labor Day. Ours on the Hill was a blessing.