Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Breeze Through White Curtains

Through the cotton curtains blows a breeze that can only be described as "delicious".

A dry, Summer day; sun and breeze;

The claw foot tub full of warm soapy water;
Cowboy boots lay askew near the closet and denim hangs over the chair.

As the warm water washes over the troubles of the day,
Cool, delicious breezes blow through white cafe curtains.

Relaxed, with a book laying nearby;
while a lavender candle wafts its scent through the tiny room.
Bubbles pop and gather round, drinking in the added spice of rosemary and tea tree.

With head rested on a towel and eyes drooping,
sleep comes softly, then weighs heavily over the body.

Waking to the sound of a robin beneath the window,
The cooling water calls, "warm me!"
With the flip of a lever the tub begins to drain, then--
"why not?"

On comes the faucet, refilling the bath with its hot, liquid rest.
Another hour, just one more;
While the cool, delicious breezes blow through white cafe curtains.

I wish this was a description of my afternoon, but it's simply something that I dreamed up while in my mother's bathroom the other day. We have been experiencing some dry, sunny and cool days here, and truly the breeze was "delicious" on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thoughts with my Popcorn

Why is it, when you make pocorn, you must eat the whole bag? At least I do. Don't I think that it will taste good a little later? I'll admit, it's not very good the next day, as it coats my tongue with lard. I do so enjoy those little half-popped kernels at the bottom of the bag and I like cracking them open between my teeth! It doesn't take alot to make me happy. Someone called me "high-maintenance" once and my husband and brother in law laughed out loud!

Lord willing, Syd is renting a backhoe this weekend and will start digging our well. I told him a few weeks ago that I didn't think I could handle things being any better in my life, as I couldn't get any happier. I must admit, running water will greatly add to my present bliss. Don't get me wrong, I go through times when I'm downright unhappy to heat that water and do a mound of dishes. My answer? "Don't let the dishes mount up so much!" I talk to myself alot and often scold when I'm in this frame of mind. This may be why the Lord never gave me children (I speak in jest) because I am not very sympathetic. "So what if you fell down, jump up and brush yourself off!" My mother used to say, "PRESS on it!" about our bruises and bleeding wounds. She was a GREAT Mom! and still is! I think I get my practicality from her.

Recently I found myself in the midst of being misunderstood again. Often when we are with people who know us pretty well we can still feel like we're lost and don't fit in. It was after one of these times that I found myself asking the Lord, "what is wrong with me? How do I make others feel, really?" Unfortunately we can't step out of ourselves and see who and how we REALLY are with others. In reading the Scriptures that particular day I was reminded that the Lord knows ALL about me, as it says in Psalm chapter 139. I cannot hide anything from Him and He sees me from the inside and knows even my motives. It is such a comfort to remember this. The Lord has got me figured out! even though I don't. He knew me before I was conceived, therefore didn't have to "figure", of course. It is a comfort to remember that He is forming my character and conforming me to His image, though I don't always see progress.

The Lord continues to use I Corinthians chapter 13 to remind me of what true love is and how I need to view and treat others, whether fellow-believers or people I have little in common with. With all our little "quirks" we live among and relate to one another on this earthly plain. Every so often I like to take each phrase of I Cor. 13 and say, "Do I love like that? Do I love without thinking evil? without being easily provoked? Do I bear, hope, believe and endure all things?" etc.

I am at the end of my popcorn bag now and have just finished cracking open that half-popped kernel. It's time to go into the evening, this time, thankfully, to just a few dishes that I could not get to this morning.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Guard at the Door

This title came to me before the words to today's post, which is unusual. I always wait to title each writing until after I am finished. When I was stepping out the door to say goodbye to Syd this morning, I saw this HUGE spider hanging up near the top of the doorframe. I knew at that moment that I would simply stand in the window and wave my farewell from inside. I am not afraid of spiders, but the sheer size of this one did scare me a bit.

Just how does one relocate a big barn spider like this? I have considered trying to get it on the end of my broom and taking it quickly out to the garden. I would rather not have it crawl upon my arm when picking tomatoes either though. Of course I thought about killing it but then I think of all those little baby spiders. I wish I had never seen Charlotte's Web! Perhaps this is a male!

The web, which I could not get in a picture this morning, is lovely. I am sure that he is catching many moths and flies that would potentially be flying around in our house; but at this point all he would have to do is drop to the floor and waltz right in when the door is open for a few seconds! At this very moment he may be weaving a new web across the portal's opening.

I hardly have time to reflect upon and write about how this guard at the door reminds me of two particular verses in scripture. Proverbs 4:23 says, "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." and Psalms 141:3, "Set a watch, O Lord before my mouth; keep the door of my lips." The latter verse is the first one which popped into my mind upon seeing this guard at the door. The word, "keep", means "garrison about". Perhaps it was the sheer size of this spider, but he definately reminds me of a guard. As a believer, by the power the Lord gives, I have the ability and the responsibility to diligently keep my heart. Within our hearts are the issues of life. What we are "made up of" is revealed by what we say and do, but it comes from what lies within our hearts and minds. Our character is formed in our heart, the core of our being. I pray that the Lord will keep me diligent to keep OUT those things that should not slip in through the door. We are bombarded with the world on every side.

Lord help me to so fill my mind with good, namely the Word of God, that a web will be woven, acting as a shield to keep these things from entering my heart.

This brings my thoughts back to our newest resident. I guess it's the broom for him. I will attempt to persuade him to move further under the eaves down at the end of the house. Tonight I'm quite sure that I will see at least one moth flying around my kitchen light though!