Monday, December 12, 2011

Sturm Ruger

It was a chilly 14 degrees on the hill this morning. The ground certainly crunched under our feet when we took our early morning stroll.  Our new little visitor has tiny feet and trembly legs, so we didn't stay out long. Yes, Sturm has come to live with us.  We have been praying for several months for a small dog to keep company with Ruger and the Lord answered with an adorable 13 lb. puppy (one year old) who had been dropped off at a local Park-n-Ride.  As of yesterday he was only coming for a one week trial period, but as of last night it was already decided that he's here to stay!  

Sturm and Ruger play really well together. Ruger's pretty good about laying down to play, as he's been trained to do so, but WATCH out when they get outside! They both get kind of rough.

On your way up Darling Hill, stop in at the house. You'll be greeted with barking, but, much to our delight, it does stop rather quickly.  Don't take the low grumbly growl that follows personally. That's only his way of talking.  Our pastor knocked last night and got this "treatment". He only stayed about 15 minutes, therefore has not gotten a chance to pat Sturm's head, though he tried a few times.  The puppy's very shy and has quite obviously suffered some abuse, so takes a while to warm up to you, but once he does he's a cuddler and seems especially partial to men.

Thankfully Sturm is used to being "crated", which is something I have a hard time doing- shutting an animal into a cage (I don't know why). We've decided to do so during the day while at work, as we don't know whether he's still a chewer. I left Ruger in charge to watch the house and the crate this morning. 

I leave you with a couple more pictures.

I hope you all have a happy day!