Friday, June 22, 2012

Keep Guessing

Well, no correct guesses on the "guessing game" post yet. You can try as many times as you like. So far two people have participated. One person said "rocks" the other said "vinyl siding".  Either of these would beat the "Tyvek" that's there, but neither of them are right. Keep guessing! Thanks. Who knows, maybe we'll change our mind if you come up with something we'd like better - kidding!


  1. clap board...
    texture 1-11...
    log cabin siding ...

  2. Those are ALL good answers, but NOpe.
    Love the bark siding idea, that's alot of bark!!
    So far, no guesses correct. Aunt Jan is closest, but hers is not here. She guessed Vinyl, up & down siding. Other's have guessed regular vinyl siding. Nobody got it so far!
    Keep guessing.

  3. I wondered about bark siding myself. I thought birch bark would be so pretty. My hubby informed me it would be too time-consuming and labor-intensive, etc.

    So, a couple of more wild guesses (from me -- I will have to pick my hubby's brain later): bead board? plywood? vinyl flooring material?

  4. Another guess from another route??? Fiber cement siding?

  5. Metal roofing? or tin of somekind.