Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sharing a Blessing, Not a Book Report

a field below our house. Everything is so green!

I am very sorry about the way the background is colored in at the beginning of this post; I do not know how it happened, but tried fixing no avail. Sometimes it just does what it wants to, I guess.
I am reading a book by S. D. Gordon at this time. It is entitled, Quiet Talks on Following the Christ. He lived during the 1850s and into the early 1900s. Perhaps it was the "simpler time", less complicated with technology, that tempered the old writers so that they wrote in a way that we all should walk and talk, with the Lord right there beside them. I enjoy the footnote format, Gordon finishes each page or two with the many verses from which his thoughts are drawn (not to mention that he uses Roman numerals, which sharpens me in that area). What a blessing to just take some quiet morning time to look up and meditate on these verses from God's Word. I won't go into a book report, but suffice it to say that God is using this and His Word to remind me that He wants me to have hold of His hand during every step of my day.
There is this one passage I'd like to record though, on speaking of the fall of Adam into sin: "Man went away from God that day, then he wandered farther away, then he lost his way back, then he didn't want to come back. And away from God, his ideas about God got badly confused. His eyes grew blind to God's pleading face, his ears dull and then deaf to God's voice. His will got badly warped and bent out of shape morally, and his life sadly hurt by the sin he had let in."  (Genesis 3:8,9; Gen. 4:6; Gen. 6:6)

What glory that Jesus came to bring us back to God! I used to say that Jesus came to earth to die. He surely did, but the Bible says that He primarily came down to do his Father's will. Everything He did was His Father's will! The death was an ultimate item in the obedience. I was also blessed when I read this passage from the little book, "Now, His 'follow me' does not mean imitation. It does not mean a restless, aggressive hurrying here and there in meetings and Christian service. It means that there will be a getting so close that the sweet fervor of His heart shall be caught by ours." One other passage: "It is not to be imitation, good as that may is to be some One living His life in you."

There is so much more contained in the pages I've read but I am just digesting it a little at a time. I pray always that I will not "let them slip" but that when these truths go into my heart, they will STAY there and not filter out. Writing them down and sharing them is one way that may help to keep them in there! I pray for so many of you, readers, whom I know personally. So many of you I have never met but you have emailed me and said that you read. I try to remember to pray for all of you regularly.

another field I pass on my way from home to the PO
It is another hot, Summer day. They say that is with less humidity and I must admit, I am in an air conditioned building, so I have not checked out the humidity levels yet...okay, I just did. They were right it is less humid here today and it seems like a perfect day if you can stay out of the sun.

Just ending with some random shots of things I see along the way between this office and my home:

I'll start with my own little garden area. The radishes and peas are coming up well, lettuce too. Now if the dogs and chickens will just stop to read the sign, we'll keep it that way.
This birdhouse is about 30 feet off the ground. So colorful!
This was a huge pile of dirt they piled up at the end of a road. What a nice "stand of daisys"!
The little office I am working at for past two days is quite rural. There is a little "park" just off our driveway. This cow was fenced in on it when I got here this morning. Here he is, taking an afternoon siesta after lunch.

After I took my first picture, he woke up and posed, though he still looks sleepy
I brought the camera hoping to see a moose in the swamp on Eagle Hollow. Often we do see them here...maybe on the way home.
This office is situated in a tiny settlement of buildings, and yes, on a dirt road! This is the view from the front porch. Very quaint.

Right across the dirt road is an old, historic academy
Those are the happenings on and off the hill today. Ruger stayed with Mom again today. She did not answer her phone all morning. When I went up at lunch she said, "I've been out in the woods". Take care and thanks for stopping by.

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