Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Clear and Frigid

The sky is a pale pink and snow lays on every branch and twig outside our sitting room window. These days have been below zero and the little furnace and wood stove pump out the heat. Though the drain and water are temporarily frozen up, I am thankful for the warmth of a little cabin. It is a blessing to know that God has given us shelter from the cold not only physically, but especially through our Lord Jesus Christ. This old world is a barren wilderness but the Lord has taken my sin away because I know that Jesus took my death when He shed His blood on Calvary. This fact is the "nail (that we have) in this holy place", and no circumstance can remove the fact that Christ dwells in my heart and gives true joy! Who have we to boast in but our Lord Jesus Christ?

We were blessed with snow over the weekend. That surely helps to insulate around the houses. We did, however, have to cancel the church service. There's no sorrier place to be on a Sunday morning than NOT in church, but so few people were going to be able to make it that it seemed the wisest thing to do. Again, we thank the Lord for one good use of the internet, to be able to bring Bible sermons right into our home! If you've never visited sermonaudio.com you might try it. Beware, there are ALL kinds of preachers on there so it's great if you already know of the name of a good one. We were blessed to hear Mike Allison (Madison, AL), Not Being Ignorant of the Devil's Devices. Syd can listen to sermons on-line on his little pocket thingy (don't know what it's called) while at work, and came home yesterday after listening to "Lessons Learned from Judas Iscariot". This was the one I heard while doing dishes this morning - what a blessing! We have so MUCH at our fingertips here in America, yet people all around us are "broken" because of sin and acting it out with horrible acts of cruelty.  It is our privilege to go out and tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ Who will come in and take their sin away. I pray that I will tell others more, but I have to act on that prayer and be obedient.

The sun is hitting the hill top over the North Road, so it looks like time to get up and dressed to brave the cold. The dogs really don't know how "lucky" (I guess you can say that for dogs) they are to be able to stay inside. You'd never know it by Ruger's grunts and groans this morning - begging to go out to freeze his paws off. It's 5 below, so he'll be out for all of 10 minutes at the most. The little birds are back and forth to the feeder. I fill it but they have it empty before the day is over, especially on these frigid days! Life is moving quickly here on Darling Hill. Thanks for stopping up for a short visit.

Reading from Psalm 119 this morning I am reminded that it is God's Word that quickens us. I am thankful for the Living Word, aren't you?

"This is my comfort in my affliction; for Thy Word hath quickened me" Psalm 119:50
I hope your day is a blast!