Friday, February 13, 2015


The beautiful card Syd made me...

one of the things he wrote inside, "still sweet on you"

Breakfast this morning. Hot sauce on the eggs and sugar on the toast (:

                                      ...then (1980)

                 ...and now (this was 7 years ago)

                                                                    My Valentine!

A statistic I learned this morning: Half the world's population was born after we were married 
(34 years)


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Clean Bill of Health

My sweet hubby did not go to work today, as he is resting up from a "procedure" at the hospital yesterday afternoon. It was a planned one and we are so thankful that the results were good - a clean bill of health for another 5 years! If he didn't work with machines he would have gone in today, but not in his line of work.

So the house is quiet right now, only the music from WMUU playing on the computer. Syd and I still recommend WMUU up until 7:00 a.m., when they change their programming to "show tunes"? It's quite a change from the years that we used to listen when living down South. Enough said. You'll know if you tune in. Coupled with personal time in God's Word, the messages from old teachers like Oliver B Green and Dr. Bob Sr., as well as others (this morning, a chapel hour from Pastor John Monroe) really prepare me to be thrust out into the village for those two hours each morning.

I am liking the new Post office schedule; 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. I think it is hard on the community, but they are adjusting. It makes my Saturday morning quite busy!

"Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? Hope thou in God; for I shall yet praise Him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." Psalm 42:11

A clean bill of health!

God is the health of my countenance! 

Lord, help me to draw upon YOU, moment by moment today.