Monday, May 26, 2014

A Memorial Memorial Day

We are thankful for all those who have served in our Armed Forces and want to express a continued, "Thanks" to all who are presently serving. What a blessing to live in a free country!

We have had a beautiful Memorial Day, and hope that you have too. Seldom do we celebrate with family cookouts or get-togethers. Syd and I usually kick off the Summer with a good clean-up around the place. He worked on getting one of Mom's mowers going, which never actually happened. Our string trimmer was working though, so he was able to get the lawn around her house and down both sides of the long driveway done. We fed him first, to be sure he'd have the strength to work! ha, ha! Syd, Mom and I sat outside our house and had pork sandwiches, macaroni salad and coffee. Then while Syd worked at her house, Mom helped me finish up some weeding that I'd started this morning. She LOVES to weed, I tolerate it...just LOVE the reward of what it looks like when we're done.

as you can see, there was already A LOT of new growth, mostly dandelions!
Ruger was very helpful, as usual. Here, they are both saying "hi, get back to work!"

We were happy that the sun was not out full. Beautiful clouds floated through the sky, a raindrop fell once in a while too, just to cool us. We didn't work long, just raked up what I'd pulled in the morning.

Another project, almost finished...

The post to the right still will have more stones cemented on extreme right side, thus making it wider
 The part that is new is here, at the top. Syd got the "V" cut and mounted, which I was so happy to see. We're still not sure of the "flat" stone on this right post. We keep looking for one that will match the one to the left. One of these days, there it will be on the side of the road.

Not sure why, but Sturm's left ear kept standing up like this yesterday; guess he's waving at you!
 And, yes, the little hummingbird is still guarding his feeder. Here he is, perched nearby. This is day three.

We hope that you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for stopping by Darling Hill!

An idea from my friend, Barb. She had mentioned that she should start selling Dandelions, she had so MANY! It gave me an idea for a little roadside sign:

      ~Dandelion Greens For Sale~