Friday, May 10, 2013

Answers to Prayer!

HI!! It's been so long since I updated, I feel like a visitor here on Darling Hill! No doubt, you've been stopping by, but I have not been "home" - sorry about that! Much has happened and I'll try to keep each little excerpt short.

Mom's surgery: She's been struggling with hernias of late. As Mom neared the surgery the attacks on her right side were happening daily. Through the Lord answering prayer perfectly, the operation last week was smooth and even our biggest fear (of the anesthesia causing future "delerium") was cast down, as they didn't even have to give her anesthesia! We just praise and thank the Lord for His hand in the procedure and these few days so far, as she's recovering well. Thanks, to those of you who will be (and have been) praying for her.

Other health issues: Thanks to you who know and that have prayed for some physical concerns I had. I'd not put them on the blog. Evidently a fibroid tumor (or more than one. We'll find out the results of yesterday's test soon) were what caused two weeks of excessive bleeding and the "dragging around" of myself through the days to follow. It was truly of God's grace that I was going to work daily and didn't even have any sick days where I had to stay home and sleep. I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath, and going for a walk was almost impossible. After blood tests on Wednesday, when the doctor told me that she thought I may need a blood transfusion I thought, "no", but she called me that evening and said that I was to await a call for Thursday morning. The transfusion went well yesterday and I definately feel MUCH better today. I needed two bags of blood. As they were hooking me up and starting the warming water through the tube, Syd asked, "Where are you drawing her blood OUT from?" They said that there was no blood to draw out, as I was "down" a quart on my dipstick! We had a relaxing 4.5 hrs as we waited for the process to run. The dogs were allowed to come into the room with us and, other than all the people who passed by wanting to come in and pat them, it was a quiet day; followed up in the late afternoon with an ultrasound. All in all, it was a FULL day. Syd says that my cheeks and lips (and FEET, for some reason) are pinked up now and that I look more like the girl  he married. That's always a good thing!

The Spring has certainly SPRUNG here on the hill. Aren't the leaves unfurling quickly!? We're again getting closed in with the blanketing green here in our woods. I know that it happens every year, but it was aptly named "Spring", as everything seems to spring into action, and it seems truly new, like we've never seen it before.

I hope you're having a fresh new day and that you're feeling good health. Though thankful for this recent rain, as I thought of those weeds outside, I know that this weekend I have to get ahead of them. Reading in Genesis 3 today made me remember Adam and the disobedience that not only plunged all mankind into sin, but also cursed the ground. It actually says, in verse 17, "in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life". Those thorns and thistles sure do bring sorrow, don't they? Praising the Lord that we can still grow vegetables and have the beautiful flowers to enjoy, I'll get out there this weekend in the sweat of my face, and pull those weeds! Thank you so much for stopping by Darling Hill today. Take care.