Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An Attempt at a Movie of Two Little Sweeties

I do not know why we can't get the sound from this. Obviously, I'm not very good at these things yet. These are the sweet grand nieces. Little Katelyn and Madison were SO cute here as they showed us how they're almost ready to WALK. They'll be 1 year next month. I wish you could hear their squeals as they stomped their feet.

...okay, MAYBE it's here now. Thanks Joleena! I never even SAW that video load thingy ( :

...wellll, maybe not.
Nick, HELP!

Thank You for the Strawberries!

We are thanking the Lord for the plentiful and LARGE wild strawberries He gave us this year. We just picked the first "crop" today and there are many more coming on still. Early in Spring Syd and I decided to leave this patch of strawberries, and not to weed whack them down. We are berry happy that we did!

We are also glad that Ruger did not  know what was growing there. Most times when we pick berries (at least blackberries) he goes ahead and grabs clusters to eat before we get to them. Today he just watched.

Yes, Lord, we thank you!