Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An Attempt at a Movie of Two Little Sweeties

I do not know why we can't get the sound from this. Obviously, I'm not very good at these things yet. These are the sweet grand nieces. Little Katelyn and Madison were SO cute here as they showed us how they're almost ready to WALK. They'll be 1 year next month. I wish you could hear their squeals as they stomped their feet.

...okay, MAYBE it's here now. Thanks Joleena! I never even SAW that video load thingy ( :

...wellll, maybe not.
Nick, HELP!


  1. They are sooooo cute!!! They are two little girls that I won't forget the day they were born :) ... they will be one on our 20th anniversary.
    We are having problems loading videos too.

    1. I did it exactly like loading a photo from my desktop. It loaded in fine, but obviously there's something wrong doing it that way. Help, Nick!!! That's right, I'd forgotten the girls were born on your anniversary. Twenty years, a milestone!

    2. When we were trying to load the pics. I tried doing it with the photo and got the same as yours only it took up the a big part of the screen and no sound. Usually I have no problem using the little video load button next to the picture one but for some reason it would not work. It could be because the kids videos are in Quicktime.
      Joe ended uploading them to Youtube and put it on a private setting. Then he put them on the blog but had to do something to the code so that we didn't get the ads at the end for other videos.

  2. Glad it worked! They are so cute!!! I think I see some Anna in them.