Friday, June 22, 2012

Keep Guessing

Well, no correct guesses on the "guessing game" post yet. You can try as many times as you like. So far two people have participated. One person said "rocks" the other said "vinyl siding".  Either of these would beat the "Tyvek" that's there, but neither of them are right. Keep guessing! Thanks. Who knows, maybe we'll change our mind if you come up with something we'd like better - kidding!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Guessing Game

I meant to add this to the end of the last post, but maybe it's better this way anyway.

I wish to have a little contest. You remember a couple days ago I announced that we are looking into siding for our cabin. If any of you can guess of what type this siding will be, there will be a special gift sent to you.

The first one to come up with it wins. I will keep this going until someone guesses correctly. Put your thinking caps on and leave it in the comments section; or those of you who know my email, you can do it that way also.

Sharing a Blessing, Not a Book Report

a field below our house. Everything is so green!

I am very sorry about the way the background is colored in at the beginning of this post; I do not know how it happened, but tried fixing no avail. Sometimes it just does what it wants to, I guess.
I am reading a book by S. D. Gordon at this time. It is entitled, Quiet Talks on Following the Christ. He lived during the 1850s and into the early 1900s. Perhaps it was the "simpler time", less complicated with technology, that tempered the old writers so that they wrote in a way that we all should walk and talk, with the Lord right there beside them. I enjoy the footnote format, Gordon finishes each page or two with the many verses from which his thoughts are drawn (not to mention that he uses Roman numerals, which sharpens me in that area). What a blessing to just take some quiet morning time to look up and meditate on these verses from God's Word. I won't go into a book report, but suffice it to say that God is using this and His Word to remind me that He wants me to have hold of His hand during every step of my day.
There is this one passage I'd like to record though, on speaking of the fall of Adam into sin: "Man went away from God that day, then he wandered farther away, then he lost his way back, then he didn't want to come back. And away from God, his ideas about God got badly confused. His eyes grew blind to God's pleading face, his ears dull and then deaf to God's voice. His will got badly warped and bent out of shape morally, and his life sadly hurt by the sin he had let in."  (Genesis 3:8,9; Gen. 4:6; Gen. 6:6)

What glory that Jesus came to bring us back to God! I used to say that Jesus came to earth to die. He surely did, but the Bible says that He primarily came down to do his Father's will. Everything He did was His Father's will! The death was an ultimate item in the obedience. I was also blessed when I read this passage from the little book, "Now, His 'follow me' does not mean imitation. It does not mean a restless, aggressive hurrying here and there in meetings and Christian service. It means that there will be a getting so close that the sweet fervor of His heart shall be caught by ours." One other passage: "It is not to be imitation, good as that may is to be some One living His life in you."

There is so much more contained in the pages I've read but I am just digesting it a little at a time. I pray always that I will not "let them slip" but that when these truths go into my heart, they will STAY there and not filter out. Writing them down and sharing them is one way that may help to keep them in there! I pray for so many of you, readers, whom I know personally. So many of you I have never met but you have emailed me and said that you read. I try to remember to pray for all of you regularly.

another field I pass on my way from home to the PO
It is another hot, Summer day. They say that is with less humidity and I must admit, I am in an air conditioned building, so I have not checked out the humidity levels yet...okay, I just did. They were right it is less humid here today and it seems like a perfect day if you can stay out of the sun.

Just ending with some random shots of things I see along the way between this office and my home:

I'll start with my own little garden area. The radishes and peas are coming up well, lettuce too. Now if the dogs and chickens will just stop to read the sign, we'll keep it that way.
This birdhouse is about 30 feet off the ground. So colorful!
This was a huge pile of dirt they piled up at the end of a road. What a nice "stand of daisys"!
The little office I am working at for past two days is quite rural. There is a little "park" just off our driveway. This cow was fenced in on it when I got here this morning. Here he is, taking an afternoon siesta after lunch.

After I took my first picture, he woke up and posed, though he still looks sleepy
I brought the camera hoping to see a moose in the swamp on Eagle Hollow. Often we do see them here...maybe on the way home.
This office is situated in a tiny settlement of buildings, and yes, on a dirt road! This is the view from the front porch. Very quaint.

Right across the dirt road is an old, historic academy
Those are the happenings on and off the hill today. Ruger stayed with Mom again today. She did not answer her phone all morning. When I went up at lunch she said, "I've been out in the woods". Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Nothing Much-ness

Two of my fellow-bloggers named their recent posts "Miscellaneousness" and "...Randomness", so I thought I'd follow suit. I  know this one got lost last night, and I was able to retrieve it today and get it posted. Sorry for the confusion.

Here it is, the first day of Summer - and it's HOT! I don't mean to complain, as I know that the southern and western states are REALLY getting it. We are experiencing a stiff breeze and are so thankful for this.

Not alot has been happening on the hill lately. Ruger has not run into any more fawns in the bush. One new thing, Sturm HAS learned to be off his leash! That is a big breakthrough. As some of you know, he was a stray (left off at a local park and ride) and was a "runner". During the week that we had him on trial we actually had to sign a paper saying that we would not just let him out the door with no leash. I certainly did not want to lose him either, especially when we didn't know if he was going to work out. He did, of course, stay with us and knows his way around enough now so that he can go loose around our house and up at Grammy's too. He met my brother's little dogs, Chichi and Jack, last weekend and they all got long famously! He is getting to understand children also. Our great nephew, Lucius, was up last weekend and Sturm is now beginning to see that all little children make quick moves and it really is not anything to worry about. Lucius is a good one for him to get practice on, because nothing really scares Lucius! Sturm is a real "little boy's dog". I like to call him TUFFY because he has one tooth (sometimes more) that likes to stick out from under his lip and he always looks like he's looking for a fight. We are finding him to be a truly loving and even 'gentle' (much of the time) dog. I think Ruger is rubbing off on him some.

The peonies are out in full force here. I almost think that these are my favorite 'showy' flower. I love hydrangeas also. I guess I like flowers on either a very large scale or a very tiny one. They both appeal to me in the same way. I took a boquet of peonies to Mom this noon. There is a huge bush out behind where I worked this morning. I brought a few to look at here at the post office this afternoon too.

Another happening on the hill this week: our rooster crowed! (or is that 'crew'?) I have been trying to teach him how to crow for some time. The first few times I 'cock-a-doodle doo'ed at him, he JUMPED and looked at me sideways. I think it scared him. Several mornings ago I came down from staying the night at Mom's and Syd informed me that Buck-buck crew! (or crowed). He did say that he did a terrible job at it. I have now witnessed just how sad his crowing is, but I think he'll come into it yet. Every morning around 4:30 or so he gives several attempts. The first morning I heard him I thought that it was an odd sounding turkey down in the woods. Just try to hear this, "Er, er, uht!"  -- see? he doesn't add the, "uh, OOOooh!" on the end. I say that it may be because he can't stand to his full height in the pen that we have him in. He's a little stooped over and cannot throw his head straight up. Syd thinks not, but we are in the process of getting him a little more space which may improve his crowing.

Ruger is with Grammy for the afternoon and I hope they're staying in the woods as promised. She and I sat on her porch during lunch and the beautiful breeze made it quite enjoyable. We are still working on her little garden (not today though).  I must put a short fence around it, as I did at home. Both dogs thought they could dig in hers today.

As many of you know, I work in several local post offices. I do not talk about my job(s) very often because they are not really what I wish to focus on. Home is my favorite place to be. I am only glad that the Lord has given me abilities to be able to work with the public so that I can be a help to my husband in some of the financial burden. It is always a challenge to balance duties at home and work, especially when the out-of-the-home schedule gets fuller than I had hoped. There are so many changes on the way for postal workers, and so much is still not known. We are waiting to know what options may come up or when it may be feasible to give up the job, if need be. Whenever the Lord closes a door in one area He does it for a reason. Jobs come and jobs go and the Lord provides for us, no matter what. Those of you who know the Lord and would like to pray about this, we would certainly appreciate it. My greatest desire would be to have at least two FULL days at home each week.

One more big praise - we are pricing siding for our cabin! I received a certain amount of money for my 50th birthday and we have been holding it aside. Syd wanted to know what I would best like to do with it. I said, "put siding on the house". He priced barnboard and we wouldn't even have been able to do the front for that amount! It will be a surprise to everyone to see what we are leaning towards. I'll let you know in a future post! It's a cliff-hanger!! 

Thanks, all, for stopping by the hill and listing to our "nothing much-ness"!
Take care.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fawning Over A Fawn

Ruger bounded out of the woods as I stepped out behind my workplace the other day. He was barking and started to run back over the bank, looking over his shoulder and barking again. It was obvious that he had something to show me. I heard a persistent bleating in the direction of where he was headed. When I got down there, I could see the tiniest fawn. I have only seen one up this close before, and they are so small! Our dog, Sturm , is 13 pounds and this little baby did not look any larger (but with longer legs). Ruger began lapping his back and head, which were already wet, so I assume he had previously been doing so. Then the fawn would reach up and trustingly lick Ruger's face. After checking around for the mother deer,I ran to the office for the camera. It would not turn on (no batteries) so I got my cell phone from the car and turned it on while I was running back to the woods. I snapped several pictures and then had to literally DRAG Ruger out of the woods with me so that Mama deer could come back for her baby. The poor dog layed out behind the office, on his leash, and cried for at least two hours. It was pitiful. When I went to check mail I carefully tromped all through the field and in that little corner of woods, looking for the fawn, and he was gone. It really made my morning and I thank the Lord for the opportunity to see this rare sight.
Ruger is laying down in these  photos. As you can see, the fawn does not fear him at all.

The fawn was actually licking Ruger's head here

I thank the Lord that He has us living in the country, and even allows me to work in such a nice out-of-the-way place as this. To have His creatures so close at hand.

"Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, Who giveth us richly all things to enjoy." I Timothy 6:17

Well, we are not back "online" yet at home; still awaiting our internet people so that they can fix the problem with the dish. I will keep this short. I'm thankful for a place where I can borrow a computer from time to time. Had quite an ordeal, getting these photos off my phone. I'm so thankful for our dear friend from church, who let me come up last night and went to the trouble of getting her laptop to get internet connection, opened her kitchen window and handed me my phone (which we had patched through to the computer). When I held it in just the right spot we had a connection and I was able to send myself these four photos! Oh, the joys of living in the country  - once again!

Thanks for stopping by the hill. I hope you all have a wonderful day, full of little surprises.