Saturday, October 8, 2011

Picture Perfect

What a beautiful day!
The guys (Syd and our friend Dennis) got lots done today around the house.  Still plenty to do before Winter sets in.  Days like this put Winter very far from our minds.  It's when there's that nip in the air ~ that's what reminds us that it's just around the corner.  No "nip" today though.

We are so thankful for friends like Dottie and Dennis who come to encourage and lend a BIG hand to help.  They've helped up at Mom and Dad's place SO much also...big THANKS to them.  We praise the Lord for their friendship.

While the guys worked, Dottie, Mom, Ruger and I dubbed off.  Of course, we fed the men some lunch first.  We took pictures, sat on the porch, sipped coffee, went walking, took more pictures, picked up apples, more pictures.  It was a picture-perfect day.  Here's a shot of the three of us up at Mom's.  We set the camera, rather tipsily, on a chair and used the self-timer.  Had a lot of fun at our photo shoot. I played the part of bossy-photographer, though it was Dottie's camera.

The apples are abundant this year.  Dottie stuffed her camera bag to take home for applesauce.  We tried several varieties as we took our walk through the woods.  I didn't have my camera, so won't share all of her pictures (just couldn't resist using this one).  She got some beauties and we loaded them onto my computer to check them out.  I'll let her post them on her blog.  You do check out Dottie's blog, don't you? It's at  She does such beautiful writing.

I must just sit and write one of these days soon.  Perhaps this afternoon my brand  new back porch would be a good place to start.  I believe I hear the rocking chair calling.
Enjoy your weekend, all.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Gardening and Strolling

It's a perfect Fall day on Darling Hill.  There were projects awaiting me that have been hanging around for quite some time, set aside for a day just like this!  Our friends, Dennis & Dottie, brought me some nice sunflower heads that are FULL of seed.  I hung them on the little trellises that I have in the garden.
The tomatoes were more than ready to be uprooted and cages to fold and put away till next year.  Many green tomatoes were given to my niece, Anna, who is looking forward to trying "fried green tomatoes" and the rest are ripening on my kitchen windowsill.

I just couldn't bear to take out all the squash plants yet though.  I'd picked most all of them the other day because we've had 32 degrees for two nights.  Evidently the squash plant likes the cold.  This picture shows the beautiful buds opening up to enjoy the warm, sunny day as much as I.  It was a choice of either ripping them up from the roots or death by freezing within the next couple nights; I chose the latter.  They just looked way too happy to pull up yet!
Ruger and I went to Mom's, as he was chomping at the bit for a walk with her!  We took a long walk down the entire lane and back.  When we returned to our house, Mom helped us with a little yard work.  I attempted to plant the hydrangea plant our friends brought, but broke the shovel in the process.   We stopped and had coffee instead!  ~sat outside, of course.

The sky today was indescribably blue; though I just described it, I guess.  As we sat and sipped, we talked about the breeze that blew through the maple leaves above;  Discussed why the birdhouse was not inhabited this year.  I told her the story about the little fellow who sits in the corner of the garden (see him in the first picture?).  Mom made mention several times how much she loves his little smiling face.  There is a wonderful story behind him.  I'll tell you one day.

As we were walking Mom home I stopped to take a picture of these tree cousins.  They will be the subject of a future poem.  I have noticed them often and love seeing the white and yellow birch who have grown up together.  Ruger chased squirrels and tried his hardest to get into a two-inch hole in the butternut tree, into which his query had just disappeared.  As hard as he scratched and bit, he just couldn't squeeze in!
It's time to start a little supper, as I believe I hear my hubby's truck pulling up.  We are looking forward to more perfect days over the weekend.  It's the most beautiful time of the year!  Take care, all.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Mom to Remember

I just called Mom and she said that she and Ruger were just "chattering" about his dog treats.  Evidently he wanted a few more than Grammy was handing out.  We are so blessed to have Mom. She is a joy and finds joy in her Lord and in everyday life. 

Growing up, we spent many hours on walks, especially in the woods.  We seldom left the house without a baggie or some container with which to deposit our "finds".  Almost every woods walk ended with the wildflower book open, identifying an unknown specimin.  To this day, you will often see one or the other of us carrying a small sprig of flowered greenery in the back door.  Though the house has changed, that same wildflower book is on the same bookshelf that it's rested on for all these years.

I was always thankful that Mom taught me kindergarten.  When I started the first grade I was already reading fluently, while some of my classmates were just learning to sound out words.  This is not to boast, but I would not have traded that year for a classroom surrounded by many peers.  During our lunchtime we would pack a picnic basket and take it up to Connif's field or even just up on the back lawn.  Sometimes we would simply open a can of Vienna sausages (we could only eat these when Dad was at work, therefore it was like our little secret - he could not stand even the SMELL of them!) and eat them on the porch swing (yes, the SAME porchswing) while we watched the cars go by. 

Seldom did a day pass (remembering back on my entire childhood prior to starting school) that we did not meet one or another neighbor for a walk.  It was so routine that I grew up thinking that it was a daily requirement!  Anyone who knows Mom, knows that for her, it still IS! 

Which brings us back to she and Ruger.  I left them as they were heading out for their walk in the woods.  "He always helps me clean up the sticks", she'll say.  I can imagine he takes many more sticks OFF the pile than he ever would chance to put on, but they're together, and that's what counts.
I hope you all have a fine Fall day.  The forecaster promised us sun by the afternoon.  We'll take what the Lord sends!