Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Come and Dine

I'm so thankful for God's preserved Word; a living Book that really does sustain and feed me as I walk through each day. Without the Bible we would flounder in this world. Yesterday and today I read in the book of John about Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. To think that he died on that cross to take MY sin away -and you know that he did that for YOU also. Without the resurrection from the dead, his death would have been in vain. Believers have a relationship with the God of this universe because Jesus reconciled us to God through his blood and then rose from the dead; conquering death!

I find the need to think on this often, as my finite little mind can only take in so much at a time, and I am prone to be short-sighted and forgetful of all God's blessings. "Come and dine", was Jesus' invitation to the disciples around the fire that he'd laid the fish and bread upon, beside the sea. Oh, that I could grasp the meaning of all that Jesus is inviting me to in those words! We have so much to partake of in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Can I take in what Jesus was trying to tell Peter when he asked him three times, "Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these?" I likely have to answer, as Peter did, that I love Jesus with this "phileo" love, rather than the whole-hearted "agape" love that I am commanded to love God with. Yet He knows our frame and remembers that we are dust; even in this state of 'sub-standard love' (I call it that because I cannot come up with a better term) Peter was told to feed Jesus' sheep and lambs, to graze, fodder and supervise the flock of God. He receives and uses us where we are and is patient to wait for us to get to know him better and to grow in his love. What a God we serve!

Oh, Lord, please keep my eyes fixed on you so that I'll be consumed with the love that you authored!

If I write more at this time it would just be rambling, as God has me chewing on this right now. I love the verse that promises, "He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ." (Philippians 1:6).

Thank you so much for stopping by Darling Hill on this snowy morning. Just a few random pictures to finish out the post:
 the baby foxes from a few years ago
 I love these moose antlers with the snow on them
 Our owl visitor outside Mom's window
sunrise from the deck

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On a March "Lion" Day

Hi to you all on a blustery day! March is going OUT like a lion this year! but we certainly had our "lamb" days this month. As you'll remember, I put all my winter clothes away, though many people told me to wait. I held out enough to keep warm in.

It's day 5 of this sickness for me, and hopefully Syd's all over it. The body aches are the worst, including wrists, hands and feet! I am thankful for cold relief products that will help get us through the day.  Yesterday I had no choice but to go to my bookkeeping job and write payroll checks to get them in the mail to my boss. I took the AlkaSeltzer daytime formula and knew I had a few good hours, so took advantage of them. Was scheduled to work at a local office all day today, but I talked with the postmaster, to give him a "heads up" that I wasn't feeling well. He talked me into only working the afternoon. The Lord had it all planned because Syd came home and told me that he was having his stents out at 10:15 Tues. morning. By my not having to be at the PO in the morning it allowed me to be with him.  I slept until 6:00 a.m., which is "sleeping-in" for me. The morning was kept at a much needed slow-pace. More daytime formula just before we left, to carry me until late afternoon.

I must tell you (though you may not want to know this), those stents were about 10 inches long! I was picturing something approximately three inches in length - NOPE! No wonder they were so uncomfortable. The Dr. said that the stones were made up of  calcium oxalate and calcium "something else" (I want to say phosphate). Anyway, salt is a big contributor. Eating calcium is not. Calcium from food keeps stones at bay. They said that avoiding dehydration is key to keeping them away. If that's the case, I should be the one with kidney stones rather than Syd. He drinks almost a gallon of water a day, and has for many years. Well, the Lord knows all about it and we need to learn as much as we can. The doctor did say that the one in his left kidney may never give him trouble, then again, it may. They will do an ultrasound in about 7 weeks to see how everything looks in there. So, Lord willing, no more surgeries in the forseeable future. Thanks to all of you who prayed for Syd during this. He just called me and is in alot of pain, but they said he may be through tonight but that it should subside by tomorrow. Poor guy.

Lest you think that all is sickness on Darling Hill, it isn't. The sun is shining full and the air is crisp. When I talked to Mom this morning she thought she'd go out for a little walk. I reminded her that it is about 27 degrees and she decided that staying in would be just as good! The mud is drying up very nicely with all this wind. Yesterday we were covered with snow most of the morning, but it all blew away. The buds on the maples are swollen but have not popped. Poplar trees are shedding their catkins all over the yard. We have not seen the bear yet but have posted a sign beside Mom's deck door, a reminder for us to take the feeder in at night from now on. Last year Mr. Bear tore it down but did not make off with it. My aunt and uncle had all their feeders taken down the other night, so I guess it's time.

We saw a beautiful bald eagle on the way to the hospital today. He sat on a high perching pole beside the river. We tried to get a picture but only had the phone and he was too far away to get a clear shot.

Well, this was a rambling post but I'd had people asking me via email how Syd's doing, so thought I'd just tell you all at once.  I can't seem to think straight enough to write anything creative at this time, so just sticking to the facts I guess.
I'll leave you with this pretty trillium. I loved the back-lighting on this shot that I got a few years ago. We look forward to their crimson blossoms when the warm temperatures return, soon.