Sunday, December 30, 2012

Never Grumbling or Turning Back

Being a 'New Testament Christian', I absolutely love the teachings of Paul and the other New Testament writers, through the epistles, etc. The Lord keeps bringing me back to the life of Jesus Christ though, in my daily time with Him. Jesus Christ was the ultimate example of living His life ONLY to please His Father. I hear people daily, weekly, who speak of Paul the Apostle. He was used greatly by God to teach the NT truths for our growth. There was no person who walked on earth, however, who could teach them as well as our Lord Jesus Christ.  In today's text from John 6 He told his disciples (many more than the 12) that a person must 'eat of His flesh and drink of his blood' before he could dwell in Jesus, or Jesus dwell in him. Verse 60 says that many of the disciples "murmured (v. 61)" and said that "this is a hard saying, who can hear it?" Jesus knew of their grumbling and asked if His words offended them. He never apologized for offenses, simply went on to give the truth. He knew that many of them did not believe (v. 64). At that time many of the "disciples" went away and walked no more with Him. Of the twelve, He asked, "Will ye also go away?" Simon Peter answered for them all, "to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life". Jesus (and now, we) knew that there was one who would still betray Him though.

I say all of this while I ask myself, "what truths am I grumbling about?" I read a quote which said, 
'In every setting which we are put, the Spirit of God remains unchanged and His salvation unaltered, but we have to 'put on the new man'. God holds us responsible every time we refuse to convert ourselves (turn ourselves about), our reason for refusing is willful obstinacy." 
The words "willful obstinacy" are 'hard saying(s)' and fully show the very real teachings of Jesus Christ, as He NEVER failed to give His will over to the Father! Humans will fail, Jesus never does! The life of the Lord Jesus Christ portrays the perfect picture of what a born again believer's life should look like.

The most important thing that the Lord is reminding me about is that of my WILL. Am I being willfully obstinate in even one area of life? Putting on the new man is something we decide to do every day, often many times per day. If there is one New Testament teaching that God reveals to me and I refused to 'come up to it' (by prayer and obedience, relying on God's power), that is the beginning of backsliding. Calling it what it is, backsliding, is the first step. By seeing Jesus' complete resolve to do only His Father's will, it has helped me to stop 'glossing over' sin. He never made excuses for it.

One last quote, this from Oswald Chambers: 
"There are whole tracts of our lives which have not yet been brought into subjection...Slowly but surely we can claim the whole territory for the Spirit of God." 
What a blessing if each step is taken, moving forward, never willfully sliding back! It is a privilege to be called by God to such a life as this; a life that can be conformed to the image of His Son! So much to meditate upon this Lord's Day. I'm looking forward to seeing what our Pastor preaches on and what Truths God opens up to my heart today.

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