Thursday, July 24, 2014

Loving, Obedient Service

I am thankful for people's patience toward me. The Lord has blessed me in listening to the beginning of a challenge from Pastor Monroe (Greenville, SC) on 'Leaving thy first Love' (not exact title) from Revelation 2. Today I ask I doing all that I can do in the service of the local church? the answer, 'no'. It was a challenge to prayer, prayer, prayer, encouragement toward the saints and service in even the 'little things', ongoing, more and more in the days ahead. A quote that I heard the other day, "If I only look at the level I am on, I will never be challenged to go to the next level." Having been praying for revival in my own heart for many months now, a deeper prayer life, for salvation of souls in our communities, for OBEDIENCE to go out to the lost with the love that the Lord Jesus Christ has for them...for so many other things...this sermon, only an addition and follow-up to the feeding we get from God's Word weekly through our own Pastor, was truly a challenge to service to the point of exhaustion perhaps. It did not get to the point of leaving our first love, which we recognize to be leaving Jesus Christ OUT of and apart from our Christian service. I'm looking forward to the messages to come!

This post began with "I am thankful for people's patience toward me", partly because I cannot figure out HOW to get a stand alone page that can be added to regularly. Therefore "Daily Meditations..." at the top of the page, still only has one post. I guess that a person must actually need to set up another BLOG if we want to have a section of 'Meditations', apart from 'Daily Musings'. I can't say that I have the patience for all this technology these days.

I want to share some fun pictures from the week...but they're stuck in my PHONE which I need to be in a place that has CELL SERVICE in order to send them to my EMAIL...see what I mean? technology all around us! I am going to publish this, then perhaps at some point today I can stop on a little hill somewhere and try to get enough BARS to send the photos to myself...Oh for the simple life!

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully pictures will follow later today.
Take care, all.