Friday, January 30, 2015


So blessed by a sermon by Steve Pettit this morning: Put Away Bitterness, Ephesians 4.
It is found on sermon

~Be rough on yourself, but smooth on others ~

Bitterness can get its roots in us, and by it many will be defiled. Sadly it could go on for years without our even recognizing it. 
God, please keep my heart tender, yielding, daily; that you can reveal my own heart to me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In The Image of our Holy God

Don't you just thank God that we still live in a FREE country?

Preparing to go into this day, listening to God's Word, knowing that I am here only to bring glory to God...these are things I thank the Lord for today.

When my hubby and I came to know the Lord as Saviour, we now look back and see that it was just at the tail-end of when "Christianity" (in its holiness and holding fast to the truths of God's Word) was and is, so sadly, encouraged to turn "modern". We are now certainly in a post-Christian nation, but still called to worship and live for our wonderful, HOLY Lord!

Now the world is modern; modernism is pushed, even in churches that are "evangelistic". I hate to think about it, but even dear, true Christian loved ones and acquaintances scoff at believers who wish to walk strictly by the Word of God...scoffing, mocking our holy Lord. Though many say, "Christianity has changed"...God has not changed at all.

Hearing sermons from preachers now gone to Glory, Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. and from Oliver B. Green this morning on certainly prompted many of these thoughts.

I hate to think how much modernism has been absorbed into my own being. I am frail, only dust. Only by walking in obedience to His truth and depending upon Him daily, will I be led and changed toward Christ-likeness by my faithful Lord!

A Scripture reference that comes to mind,
"...walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh." Galatians 5:16   
That's a promise!

Created in God's image; created to glorify God, our Creator!

He's so great, and I'm so small; I'm so weak, but He's so strong!

It's chilly in the north country, but we certainly didn't get the amounts of snow that they were predicting in this last storm!

Thanks for stopping by the Hill today!