Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy First Day of Spring!

First thing I wanted to tell you is that I got the address of little Jack's mommy's blog, for anyone interested. It is
Jack is in much need of prayer but is certainly improving! Meg and John are his parents. They are learning many new things and responsibilities. Thank the Lord for answered prayer.

This taken before the surgery. twins, Jack and Sam

Well, it's the first day of Spring and we have about 5-6 inches of new snow. One 'problem' with the Town taking over our once-4th class-road is that they plow us IN. Syd never did that! He always plowed the ends of the driveways OUT. I've just finished digging so I could get out into the road, then got stuck in Mom's driveway, as everything's ice underneath. I love shoveling, so these really were no problem. She's all tucked in up there. We had coffee then I came down to finish chores here. I do wonder if our fuel company will come and deliver today. We are trying to keep our fuel tank dug out...see it down in there? Actually only the cover is showing of course.

Just lately, Ruger's been being beaten out by our large owl who has returned for the third year in a row. He is BUSY taking care of our squirrels, but occasionally Ruger can still find one.
Syd said it was so comical to watch him bound down into the snow and out of sight, then he'd take another leap and go out of sight again. He loves squirrels and catches many of them up at Mom's too.

Sorry there's a half eaten squirrel there, but I guess it's a dog thing

My Mom's back porch is getting quite full!
 ...and we are finding less and less space to put this stuff. "Hmmm, the door is in here somewhere!"

Take care, all, and Happy Spring! Thanks for visiting today!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Please Pray for Jack

One of my co-workers has a little grand-nephew named Jack. Jack is 8 months old and has a twin brother, Sam. They have found a tumor in Jack's brain and after many tests have found that it is, thankfully, not malignant. However, since his big operation (one of many) he is left with the inability swallow (he now has a feeding tube) or to 'talk' or audibly cry at this point. There are several other things that his little body is dealing with. He and his family need much prayer. If you want to visit Meg's, his mom, blog...I have to find the blog address for you and will post it in the next message. My history has been clearing itself on a weekly basis, which I hate, but cannot figure out how to change. Sorry that I don't have her blog address readily available.

Here's a photo of little "Bounce Back Jack", they call him.

Thanks for your prayers.

I'm sorry, this photo looks so depressing, and there are better ones of him on the blog. I'll try to post a nicer one with my update.