Friday, November 15, 2013

Early Winter Musings

Well, it's certainly been a while since I've seen any of you! It's not that you haven't been stopping up on Darling Hill...I just haven't been home!

Winter has come to the hill, as it has to many of you. Snow still lays all over the ground, with tufts of grass interspersed all around. The sun did its best to chase the snow away yesterday and I noticed it did down in the lower lying areas. Here on Darling Hill it's still hanging on. It is so nice to look down through the trees out back and see wayyy down into the woods. That is something my Mom always enjoys and I notice it more and more each year. The first time is when I am driving out of her driveway and realize that Mom can still see me from "her waving-window", as the leaves of the big birch tree are completely gone. She can now watch and wave us out the entire driveway!

Butch is on the right, if you can't tell
Poor little Butch. He's Syd's Beanie Baby - ha, ha! Well, he has a story. It's a short one. Evidently Beanie Babies have "birthdays", and it's printed on their tag. All the years Syd was growing up his nickname was Butch. ALL of his father's side of the family called him that. His uncle Brent still does. Aunt Euleta (our DEAREST Aunt on Syd's side) passed away only a couple years ago now. Some years before, she picked up this little Beanie named Butch. Syd just HAD to have it because his birthday is October 2nd - just like MY Butch's birthday! We thought it was uncanny, so he's sat around in our living room for quite a few years now. Sturm stays in his crate when we are gone from the house. WELL, evidently the crate got just a little too close to the bookshelf the other day. Sturm and Butch got into a fighting match, and Butch lost.  That evening Syd looked over at the shelf and said, "Where's Butch?" There he was, laying in the crate, without an eye and a nose. I think Syd felt quite bad, though he didn't let on. The next morning I got on Amazon and there's a new Butch on his way to us as I type. (Don't tell Syd, o.k.?)

"Who, me?" yes, he looks innocent here
Ruger went through a time late Fall. He had a "problem", unmentionable, and had to wear a cone. Here he is waiting for his supper. Poor guy. Thankfully we only had to leave that on him for one day. He had alot of trouble maneuvering around our little cabin, believe me!

yep, he figured out a way to EAT!

While he was in the cone, I saw a T shirt in a catalog. A picture of a black lab, wearing one. It read, "It's all fun and games till somebody ends up on a CONE"

I do not remember if I had a picture of how TALL our zinnas got this Fall. I love zinnias and gerbera daisys because of their intense color. One of these photos shows what Syd's starting out at our front door. The stone posts will be where our log pillars will rest, holding up the stoop. I know I said I wouldn't post pictures till the project is completed, but couldn't show you the zinnia without the post.

Another thing uncovered when the leaves left us. We had no idea this nest was in our nearby tree.
The Lord has brought me to the end of my "OIC" position at the post office. Officer In Charge just means acting-postmaster but no raise. That's o.k. He had me there for a reason. It was a whole year ago when the position started. I can't believe how quickly the year went! The past two months were the most intense, as they were 5.5 days per week. Thankfully God answered prayer and brought along a couple of people from nearby offices to come and fill in from time to time. All in all it was a good experience, but I am happy that it is over and I do feel a little more free. Now I can take Mom to doctor appointments once in a while and also help out at the office where I do bookkeeping. Poor David, my boss up there, he is incredibly patient, having TWO women work for him who also work for the post office! I'm thankful that he's so flexible. The Lord has also brought along a few side jobs for me. I have three chair caning projects to get started on. Will post pics another day.

"Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, ye righteous; and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart."

I'm thankful that God has made me "upright in heart" because of His Son, Jesus Christ! My acceptance of His blood shed on the cross, to take away my sin. Jesus, rising from the grave and conquering death - - This is life indeed!

I'm glad you've been patient and have come to visit Darling Hill even though I've not posted in SO long. I hope you have a good day. The sunrise was GLORIOUS this morning. Mom and I were up and watching the orange and pink spread across the sky. Enjoy this early winter day!