Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Bowl of Spring Leaves

New leaves unfurl ~
their color, tumbling; rolling, south to west; north to east.
Chartreuse trickling down the valley, to rest and blend with deeper greens at the foot.
Twisted lines enveloped and folded; revealed here, hidden there ~ plunging to the depth of this abyss. Before us lies a massive bowl that holds the fruit of Spring leaves;
birch and poplar; oak, beech and maple.

What a joy to be home for a few weeks! As many know, I had a surgery last week. It did not occur on the day that they'd planned it (Tues). My hemoglobin was only at 18 and they needed it up in the 30s. Another blood transfusion took place - 4 units this time. Praise the Lord it worked and they let me have the surgery on Thursday. Everything was fine and coming home on Friday afternoon was a joy! Something about being home really helps you to heal and rest. Though there are MANY things around here that tug at my organizational strings, I'm trying to be really choosy. Syd's cooking alot and doing dishes (smile). A couple of the ladies at church have provided food and the Lord is using the Spring weather to rejuvenate my batteries. What a beautiful rain we had last night and this morning. It makes the new green leaves even brighter!

The poem describes the scene that we take in from the top of Darling Hill on a week such as this. We are blessed to live in the country. It's hard to imagine how indescribably beautiful Heaven will be. Thankfully God inspired the writer, when He described the new Heaven and new Earth; else no one would ever be able to express the scenes of the place which God has prepared for those of us who love Him!

The sun is rising over the hill now and lighting the leaves in our woods. I'm going to sign off and take the puppies out to enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by!