Saturday, November 8, 2014

Keeping Out the Chill

I don't know what prompts me to take a picture of the first snow that "sticks". We have had flurries before yesterday and last night, but it was practically gone by morning. This morning is chilly, chilly cold, so the snow will stay around till the next warm up.

The firebox to our barrel stove lies there in the foreground of the picture. Syd works on that more today. He's fired it up already, preparing it for rip-roaring fires in the future, piping heat into the house!

This morning the kitchen quilted panels were hung. I still have to get the rings sewn on near the bottom corners, so they can be flipped up during the day. Between these, the barrel furnace and the other quilted curtains (not pictured), the house should be warmer this year! Praise the Lord!

The valances were already there, so I left them for the color & hung the panels underneath

Panels made from an antique tablecloth that we picked up at a thrift store; quilted with a blanket.
Thanks for stopping by on this chilly day. It's a good one for hugging the wood stove. I've been in the little room, hovering over ours some this morning. Take care!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


“That all the people of the earth may know that the Lord is God, and that there is none else. Let your heart therefore be perfect with the Lord our God, to keep His commandments, as at this day.” 
I Kings 8:60, 61

As the election results come in it makes me think about how much we complain about the sad state of our United States of America. It is so easy to blame the politicians. This morning I am reminded that the Church is to have an IMPACT on the world around us. How much do I PRAY, earnestly pray and share the gospel with needy souls?

So many things there are to meditate upon throughout this day. God has us meditate upon them so that we'll be DOING them daily. I am thankful that He knows that there is a battle going on within us each day. So thankful that He forgives sin when we come to Him and confess it. "Keep short accounts" does not give us freedom to sin. I'm glad that He remembers that we are dust and only wants complete honesty before Him as I walk through each day. Without this I would live a life of constant defeat and guilt, wouldn't you? 

He does expect me to live perfectly before Him. He is the REAL God, before whom I can come honestly and confess my sin. The world needs to see that our God is THE God, not just A god.

We do God's Word not only to please Him but that the people of the earth may KNOW that our God is the ONLY God!