Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Buds along the Way

It's a beautiful day on Darling Hill! The clear skies are peeking through the trees and their tips are showing spots of the sun coming up from over the knoll behind me. Mom is already experiencing the full sun on the east side. Yesterday was a HOT one and perhaps today will be the same. Our tomatoes have now decided to put on some height. Mom & Sarah's tomatoes, though not as high, are sturdier and covered with yellow buds!  Buds on the tomatoes, that's SUMMER!

See? my tomatoes have no buds yet, they're reaching for the light. They've done pretty well in this spot during past years, so hopefully they will again. The lettuce is happy!
It's early and these two pics were from this morning. Ruger takes his last few breaths of fresh air before having to come in for the morning while I am at work. Here' he rests beside the zinnias. Don't let that "Keep out" sign fool's not for people, just chickens and dogs (that's the other sign, to the left of it). You're welcome anytime!

I had a hibiscus tree in this garden (potted) that my friend, Sarah, gave me. I have moved it to the back porch where it will get sun but less rain. Poor thing, its leaves were starting to yellow. Now it has beautiful tiny buds all over it!

"Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass." Psalm 37:5

This verse, the entire chapter 37, was a blessing to me this morning and it is the one that I'll have printed out and sitting on my desk at the Post office today.  How we need our "way" committed to Him every moment, don't we? I am so glad that He is the God of the Christian's "way"! - every footfall must be committed to Him.

I hope that you have a blessed way today. Thanks for stopping by the hill this morning.