Monday, March 18, 2013

Rambling Along a Spring Lane

I picked through muddy tire tracks
  as I drove along the way;
And chanced to meet a couple
  rambling through their day.

They walked along together
  aside the moisty road;
My eye was drawn to-ward them,
  while my car I slowed.

And as I passed beside them
  they simply hopped atop
a handy, nearby snowbank;
  their gait they did not stop.

A picture-perfect moment;
  the two waddling along.
His beard swayed, as her tail-feathers;
Miss Henny and her Tom.

from this... this, in a short period!  Springtime!

sorry I didn't have a winter turkey picture. I didn't have my camera when I chanced upon Henny & Tom the other day.