Wednesday, February 4, 2015

An Old Friend

It was time to get reacquainted with an old friend today - well, we'd never really been too close, this friend and I...

My sweet hubby listens very carefully. Several years ago he heard me say, "I'd love to be able to play the flute." For my birthday (or Christmas, or "wife's day", or some made-up holiday-with him, any excuse will do for giving presents) he had opened up a rental account at a nearby music store. I do LOVE this instrument and practiced quite faithfully for a while. The flute and I have not been acquainted for many months now though.

On the Lord's Day, one of our dear children at church (Grace, you know who you are) brought along a flute that her parents had gotten for her! She wanted me to show her a few things to get her started...hmm, I'd forgotten a lot! I did know how to put it together and blow into it! Anyway, I told her that I'd bring mine along this week. You see why I needed to get re-acquainted. I love young people for so many things. This is one of them!

See? I found a website "Flute for Dummies". It has a wonderful fingering chart, which it allowed me to print! I have my book which I'd been practicing from, but thought this would be helpful for both of us.

Well, enough blogging about it - time to start fluting. Will let you know how things are going. If Grace and I ever do a duet, I will try to record it, how's that?!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Full Moon

It's collld outside!

...that's what Ruger says. When it's 7 below zero, rooting around under the snow probably doesn't help him stay warm. He still stays out for about 10 minutes at a time -crazy dog!

We hope you are all staying warm. This cold winter weather makes us so happy for a wood stove and a warm house to live in. Soup's on the stove and my hubby should be pulling in soon from some clean-up plowing after work.

The "welcome gift" for our newest little grand-nephew. Figured it's something that can grow with him. Maybe when he's 16 he won't still think of the wood burned letters as baby blocks! (which is what they're supposed to resemble)
I just spent a few minutes with Mom on the phone. While we talked, she was just seeing the full moon appear and then come up fully. I "watched" it with her as she described it to me. I told her that soon I would be seeing it through the trees. I was going to post a picture of it for you, but it's not cleared the East side of the hill yet and is getting too dark outside now.

I hope you have a good night. Thanks for stopping by!