Wednesday, June 13, 2012

200th Post!

Good news for the 200th post! Syd and I got our computer back last night and it appears that nothing was lost in the lightning jolt! They said that our "logic board" was hit. I never thought computers were logical. I guess it just didn't have the sense to boot up when told to!

We are praising the Lord that He answered prayer and that I don't have to go onto facebook and the blog to retrieve our photos, many of which would have been lost as they were ONLY on the albums in the computer. When I take photos off my SD cards, I tell it to delete them. From now on I will save them to a thumb drive right away!

We have had a gentle rain all last evening and through the night. It was beautiful and our gardens must be so happy. I am sorry for you all out midwest and other places that are in drought conditions. I do try to remember to pray for you and that the Lord will send rain soon.  The sun has just come out and I am about to head out for lunch, to let the dogs out and go see Mom on the hill. Lately Ruger has been staying with "Grammy" and keeps her good company. When Syd went to pick him up the other night he saw them through the door; Ruger's head on Grammy's lap as she wept, telling him that her husband had died. He said that it was a touching sight and that he was glad that Ruger was there. My hubby is so great, as he went in and talked to her and eventually changed the subject. Before he left she was laughing and happy again. He is such a blessing. That is one man who loves his mother-in-law! He calls her on the phone to say 'hi', usually once a day, from work or as soon as he gets home. I love that guy.

Every few days I try to notice which flowers are about to unfurl along our driveway or road. Today I see that the daisies are getting ready to open. I love daisies and I keep several wild patches of them in my garden area. As I was weeding last week, the nicest surprise met my eyes. The cosmos that were so prolific last year have re-seeded themselves! There are probably two dozen of them springing up in the patch. This year is the best for this to happen, as I had already decided not to spend much money on buying plants. I now have several perennials coming back and we could use the money in other areas anyway. The Lord really blessed my heart by giving me these cosmos! He is always so good to us, isn't He?

Monday evening Syd plowed up a small patch for Mom to have a tiny vegetable garden. When I left from lunch today, she was turning over some of the sod so that it could dry in the sun (while Ruger layed there waiting to take her for a walk). Her patch is about 4 X 7 foot. She has three tomato plants and will have a row of radishes and one of carrots. I have extra snap peas which I'll probably put in around a pole or something to climb on in the corner. He put it just off her porch area so that it will be handy for watering but still gets all-day sun.  I will post pictures of both her and our tiny gardens. Mine is below each kitchen window in front of our house, two small patches with the walkway in between. They should be quite handy for picking and weeding. Keeping the dogs out can be a challenge. I have a short metal fence, but Ruger's legs are so long he hardly notices it's there. I am planning on putting up rustic signs that say: 'Dogs', 'Chickens', 'Keep Out', but though Ruger does know how to spell, he doesn't yet read.

Life, Indeed

When a seed falls to the ground he must die;
 die, that he may live again
 to feed a child, to cheer a heart,
 bearing seed to begin again.

Every green herb points his eyes toward the heavens
 from whence all life comes.
He died that we might live; to feed,
 or chance to die for some.

Risen! alive! He sustains all flesh;
 warmth of sun and soaking rain
Those who feed on this life-giving stock
 shall n'er hunger again.

Fall to the ground, die at His feet
 a stirring within the seed
New life springs forth, breaking the earth
 Now this is life indeed!

"Verily, verily except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone; but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit." John 12:24

"Whoso eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is meat indeed and my blood is drink indeed; He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me and I in him." John 6:54-56

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Happy Lump of Clay

II Thessalonians 3:3 "But the Lord is faithful who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil."

I was reading this the other day and it struck me how often I look back to different situations that could have turned out very bad, or where I could have gotten spiritually sidetracked and yet the Lord either directed me right out of the path or walked me straight through it, unscathed. Aren't you glad that He keeps the Christian from evil. I used to think that, now that I am a believer, God will not allow certain "bad" things to happen to me. Not so. With God, all things that come into my life are for GOOD. He does everything perfect and is always right. I'm so glad, because there is no one else who does, or is!

As I meditated on the verse above I realized how often I am tempted to "categorize" God as always doing things in one particular manner. Yet, He works in such different ways in each individual life. This does not make God "changing". He is always the same. It is so easy to think that, because you do not have a certain thing that another believer may be blessed with, it is a mark of being out of the will of God. Then I am reminded of the verse, "and having food and raiment, therewith to be content." He has blessed us with so much more than food and raiment. Jesus Christ shed His blood and died on the cross for every one of our sins, past, present and future! He adopted us into His family and has given us a new name! Don't let Satan fool you into thinking that because you do not have certain "blessings", that God has not blessed you immensely. Contentment and joy in the Lord Jesus is the greatest blessing one could possess!

I am happy that He can keep us from the evil and He will not lead us into temptation. Our Potter can work us, His clay, into any shaped vessel He wishes.  Lord, please make and keep me a happy lump of clay!

A favorite Hymn:
"My Goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace, nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.
'Tis His to lead me there; not mine, but His; at any cost, dear Lord, by any road."

I'm so glad you stopped by Darling Hill today and hope you'll visit again soon.