Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Fire of God's Word

In speaking with a dear friend over the phone last night we learned of a preacher who has touched his heart in a holy, special way. This morning I got online and looked up the preacher's name on I do believe that this on-line medium is SO useful in blessing the hearts of Christians who are willing and desirous to hear and heed the Word on a daily basis. I don't use it in place of getting alone with God, but we listen to sermons in our home in addition to our daily, personal Bible study. Sunday morning we listened to the old-time preacher, John Rice and also to a dear friend, Evangelist Chuck Crabtree. These prepare our hearts for coming together with our church family and being fed by our own pastor on the Lord's Day.  Today's sermon was one that our friend, Mike, had mentioned to us last night. It was of God. The sermon, Why No Revival, was given by Mike Allison from Madison Baptist Church (Madison, Alabama). I know nothing of this man, except that Mike asked us to listen to one or two sermons by him. God used it in my heart.

Probably more than anything, the Church of God today needs revival. It can start today in my heart and in yours, if you are a born again believer. It, no doubt, has started in other hearts of people within our church already, who are praying for me. Our buddy, Mike, is burdened for his church in South Carolina. Mike's prayers for revival among that family can start a great hunger in the hearts of others for whom he is praying. I need to remember not to put limits on the power of God!

After hearing John Rice preach on Sunday morning, while sitting in the pew, God was working in my heart along these lines. You know in your own experience how He does it, sometimes only by a thought or verse of Scripture that starts in your mind then comes to rest in your heart. I'm trying to learn not just to let these go, to become "fleeting thoughts". One of the things that God reminded me of on Sunday was not to let anyone thwart God's work in my life, by 'a discouraging word'. Just keep on going with God no matter how someone reacts to you or misjudges your motives. Remember that we do the same thing from time to time and need to keep these confessed to both God and our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Part of revival is being so close to the Lord that we are super-sensitive to how we treat Him and others, but not super-sensitive to how others treat us. God is so perfectly balanced. He is the only one Who can balance us, as He created balance!

I am encouraging you in the Lord because of the way He encouraged me today. I hope you have a wonderful Winter day. It is cold outside (21 degrees) but God gives the warmth of the cabin and most of all the warmth of His Spirit in my heart. I pray that He will set the Church on fire for Him.