Saturday, September 29, 2012

Where is my Heart?

"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." Proverbs 4:23

For weeks now, God has been bringing this verse to my heart almost daily and reminding me that how I deal with every "issue" of life is established my the heart. Is my heart given over to God in every detail, in every issue? When I hear a word of exhortation and bristle against it, I have asked myself, "where is my heart in that subject? am I willing to change it for Jesus Christ's glory?" The answer must be nothing less than, "yes", or I am not where God wants me to be. The Christian's life is ever growing and being changed by the Lord, maturing and being made more like Him. He doesn't expect it all to happen in an instant, it takes a lifetime, but He does expect my heart to be totally yielded to Him, moment by  moment as He does the molding. These were precious thoughts to me this early morning as I spent time in God's Word.

This photo has nothing to do with the post, just a funny picture that Syd took when Mom was here the other night.
Cat lovers, please don't take it wrong ( :

Syd took it to say how much he loves his mother in law! Posted it on his Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Vessel for Faith

I entered the house last night to the smell of wood smoke. What a great scent! Syd had gotten the stove hooked up in our new little room off the living room. Today he told me over the phone that he got paid for a job he finished for the couple up the road, went and purchased insulation and is doing the ceiling today! I know, that sounds a little backward, but last night's fire was just a trial one, not a heating one. We are so blessed to have a tiny cabin in the woods, snug and warm. I'm looking forward to Winter this year, though I have had "reports" that it's going to be a hard one. Whatever the Lord sends will be best.

There was more rain falling this morning. The last good rains produced pretty measureable water in the well, but still not deep enough to pump. The Lord will bring that in His time too. We have had to haul it for several years before and it never killed me. I'm so happy though, that we didn't throw away our pump shower.

This morning, reading from the book of Matthew (6:7) I read, "When ye pray..." The Lord taught His disciples to address God with, "Our Father", and He made it clear that they were to pray. Without prayer I would be empty and not able to 'know' my Lord properly. We know someone by spending time really speaking to them, and they back to us. This morning while talking to God I realized that I am simply an empty vessel. I thought of a rain gauge. The gauge was empty last evening, but the Lord sent the rain in the night and this morning, to fill it up. Though the well was getting dry and not truly serviceable, the Lord is filling it up so that it will be useable again.  I thank our dear, Heavenly Father for the way He keeps us so close and that His everlasting arms are there to catch us if we fall! I read a blog post of a godly woman today. It was all about how God is increasing our faith and just waits for us to come along with Him. He is always so faithful. Aren't you glad?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Of This One Thing We Are Sure...

We are in the midst of a beautiful stretch of Autumn days. Darling Hill is slightly too high in elevation to get hit with the first frosts, but this morning, just down on Mud Lane, there were the white fields. The first frost of the season.

Our Lord's Day was a blessing, with good fellowship and good Bible teaching. I was saddened to know that someone had misunderstood one of the recent blogposts and surely want to set it all straight. The post was entitled Knowledge Too Wonderful and was about the amazing, almost impossible to understand, concept of Jesus Christ being fully God and fully man. I believe that I "think out loud" too often when I write on the blog. Our Lord is so DEEP and I try to dig down, perhaps too much at times, to even begin to grasp the understanding.

The misunderstanding was that I may have been questioning that Jesus Christ could SIN. NEVER, NEVER, have I thought that Jesus could sin. Even as a young, baby Christian I knew that Jesus could never have sinned, as He is GOD in the flesh. I think that this is the section where the misunderstanding may have come. I will paste it here. I think that it was poor word choices (in red) that led someone to think I may have suggested such a heretical thing as Jesus being able to sin:
"Can you even begin to understand what it meant for Jesus Christ to be both God AND Man?  I find that the more I think on it, the less I understand it...but yet, the more I BELIEVE and recognize it! In reading the gospels, we see Jesus spending entire nights in prayer to His Father. He and His Father were ONE, yet the Man, Christ, spent long periods in prayer; resisting temptation perhaps, committing His thoughts and ministry to God, pouring out His cares concerning the onslaughts of wicked people around Him. These are all speculation of course. All I know is that He shared with His disciples that they should, "watch, that ye enter not into temptation." Jesus Christ certainly was the single-best example of going to God in prayer!"

Just one other section to quote:
"The children and I shared these thoughts; that Jesus could NOT have sinned because He was God; that Jesus was tempted in all the same points as we were, without sinning; and I shared that Jesus, as a Man, also CHOSE not to sin against His holy Father.  How do you ever conclude such thoughts and really get them settled in the heart? We decided that we just won't fully understand the God/man until we get to Heaven."

I am sorry for choosing to use the word "resisting". I can't begin to understand what it meant when the Bible says that Jesus was "tempted in all points like as we are, yet without sin". Of course He could not have sinned, He was GOD! I also can't know why God made Jesus a man/God person, or how that was even possible. I do certainly know though, that as a man, Jesus also chose not to sin.

These are truly "musings" on these deep thoughts of God. PLEASE never think of this blog as a teaching-tool. I am certainly no Bible teacher. The blogposts are simply "musings on the Hill" and I would never want to pass any of it on as "teachings". As I read fellow-bloggers posts I promise not to take any of your writings as anything more than you sharing your heart with fellow-readers.

Being able to share things of the heart, even with people whom I do not know, just being able to write them down, helps to bring thoughts together for me. I suppose some would think of them as "fair speeches" or flowery words, but God has made words very special to me and I love writing things out; to be read again someday. I hope that if any of them can be even a small blessing to anyone, that they will be just that, a blessing. I would not want you to take any of it as "gospel". Only the Word of God can be taken in that way.

Thank you for reading and "listening" and for knowing (hopefully, now) that the last thing I would want to convey is that our holy Lord Jesus Christ could ever sin.