Thursday, June 28, 2012

Do I Love?

Today I was reminded of God's exhaustless patience with me. I am sure you are so thankful for this, as I am! I was reading from Matthew 16:13-28 "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."  He said that those who do so, must "lose" their life. Powerful, well-meaning  Peter balked at Jesus' declaration of His going to the cross to lay His life down and yet when Jesus was taken from the garden, Peter "followed afar off" -- but, he followed while others left. After the dismal failure and denial, Jesus gave Peter another chance (He knows us and loves us unendingly, doesn't He?). Our Lord had fulfilled his cross work and had risen from the dead when He asked Peter, "Lovest thou me?" (this in John 21:15-19). He finished with "feed my sheep". The meaning had not changed, Peter was to follow Jesus, lay down his life for Him. It would mean a denial of self, even unto Peter's death.

This "follow me" boils down to love. "Do you love?". This love draws us after, even though the path be rough and broken. The Master's great love and patience with us teaches us to truly love. We love Him because He first loved us. I ask myself, what is the picture of my path?

Oh, may this be true of me: "I love thee, Lord Jesus, with all of my heart; for dying on Calvary, for giving me victory; I love thee, Lord Jesus, with all of my heart."

"In the noise and din of the street of modern life comes as of old the quiet, clear, insistent call "follow me".
~ S. D. Gordon

A view of sunrise from Darling Hill
As a child of God there is nothing I can do to make God love me any more; and nothing I do will make Him love me any less. I am glad that the Lord's love is exhaustless and that He never gives up on me. I cannot fully understand this kind of love but the Bible says that nothing can separate me from it!! What a praise!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No More Guesses

WINNER, WINNER, WINNER, WINNER!!!!!! My friend, Nikki won the prize for the Guessing Game!!

the little cabin will be covered with metal roofing/siding. I hesitated to tell people this ahead of time. I have seen little cabins done with it and thought how clean and neat they look. There are SO many colors to choose from these days also, and they have a 30 year warranty! The baked-on color lasts many years (so I am told), is easy to maintain and I just LOVE it.  If you don't, please don't tell me (o.k.?) because we've finally settled on it and just try to wait till you see the finished product ( :  I will post a before and after picture.

There were MANY great ideas! Texture-111, Birch bark (that would be perfect!), bark siding, even vinyl flooring! Stucco was suggested, cement siding, stone, cedar, shingles other suggestions too. We were praying for something not too labor-intensive and where a little (sheets are 3' X 10') would cover alot.

Thanks a lot for playing along. Nikki won an assorted pack of my watercolored pen-n-inks; birds, flowers and wildlife.  Have a wonderful day, all!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Quick Note from the Other Side of the Hill

It is a beautiful rainy day here. The gardens are being very well watered. Ruger came up to work with me while Sturm stayed home. It is now after 10:00 a.m. and the only living creatures in the building (to my knowledge) are Ruger, myself and a tiny field mouse in the bathroom sink. I'm not great with mice, though not really afraid of them. He will have to stay there until the owner comes. I may be forced to leave him some bread crumbs before I go.

This will not be a long post, though I have gotten alot done and there is precious little to do here today.  My duties include bill paying and payroll, inventory, record-keeping. These I have finished, so I just broke down many cardboard boxes and put them out in the storage area. Then I took the trash out.  Poor little mousie keeps reminding me that he's stuck in the slippery bathroom sink - as if I didn't know. I do need to go in there soon and will talk to him a bit while I'm there - and refrain from washing my hands on him, but use the kitchen sink instead.

The peonies are bending badly in the rain. I cut several more and brought them into the office first thing this morning. These are the glorious pink variety. I hate to see them go by and will take a bouquet home with me today.

I took the time to write to say that I am thanking you all for your wonderful guesses on which siding we plan on using on the cabin. None of them have been right yet, but they're fun to read! Good suggestions, all of them. I still can't get over the "bark siding" suggestion. Truly, I would LOVE it, but sounds like too much work.

A little hint: what we plan to use will not be very expensive and alot will be covered with little work. Hmmmm!

I hope that you have a wonderful day, whether rain or sunshine. Was blessed this morning in reading from I Timothy. Those of you who have never trusted the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, I pray that you will open the Bible and see God's simple plan of salvation from Romans 3:23, 6:23 and 10:9,10. You who are believers in God's Word already, may the Lord richly bless you as you walk each day with Him.

The sun is breaking through a bit here. Thank you so much for stopping by! Sorry that I have no pictures to post for you today.