Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Songs in Late Summer

During lunchbreak yesterday I traveled up the hill to see mom, make a little lunch to eat with her and to drop off the big black kid who stays with us.  He was so excited that his eyes shone and he wiggled with delight, all four feet prancing on the driveway.  Ruger always does this at the mention of his favorite person, Grammy!  He does love her, obvious by the way he approaches and leans against her legs (so she can better pet him), but I often think that it is partly because the words "Grammy" and "walk" are so often used together.  When we leave our house to see her in the evening, we are usually going for a walk, and when Ruger meets her in the yard she is either returning from or getting ready to go for a walk, which Ruger invites himself to join in on, of course!

After getting our lunch together, Mom and I sat on the swing watching the leaves turn color.  At any given point we could count at least two flitting butterflies, seeming to search for just one live clover head, and often flying by, as if on a mission.  Mom said, "I wonder where they're going in such a hurry".  We watched the jets fly over, leaving their tell-tale stream of white which eventually would become one of the many long and straight clouds that we saw streaked above the horizon.  A large gaggle of geese honked their way South to escape the impending Winter that still seems distant on a beautiful day as this (I must say, this would just be too many things to see in one sitting; we did not actually see the geese fly through until 6:30 that evening, on our walk to see Grammy.  I add it now, only for effect!).  The young maple just off the porch seemed to be turning redder before our eyes as Mom spoke, "I hate to see the leaves changing so quickly.  The summer sure has flown by, like these butterflies and that jet." (And the geese, I might add).

I wonder, sometimes. why the end of Summer lays so heavily on my heart.  I hate to think that it is because I am getting weary of Winter and the heavy snows that will soon be upon us.  I absolutely love the bright sun on white and the cold air that freezes around my nostrils on those frigid days of January.  Still, something seems lost when all the leaves turn and fall to the ground, and I find myself almost dreading the dying of Summer and then Fall.  I sensed this in Mom's voice yesterday and it made me realize that it happens to the best of us (as, she IS the best!)  As a believer, I have everything to look forward to.  Every day is put before me for a reason and brings a new adventure and opportunity to the path.  

While these thoughts flew through my mind, the deafening sound of a cricket under the porch broke through, when Mom (always in tune with any spark of nature) exclaimed, "Hear that cricket.  She has not stopped singing since we have been out here."  I realized then that I had been hearing her for months. She lives down there and just sings her heart out ALL the time, though, thankfully she does sleep at night.   

The cricket was a reminder to me that this is just what we are supposed to be doing!  The coming Winter does not hinder the individual who knows that they are in the environment that the Lord has created them to be.  I am in this place for a reason and it is exactly where the Lord wants me, so I  am to be singing constantly for Him, no matter what lies in the future.

I hope that these beautiful Autumn days are as much a joy to you as they are to me.  May the Lord use everything around us to point to Him.  Have a great day.


  1. What a beautiful post! I love autumn. It is my very favorite season. And yet ... I do find myself dreading the coming of winter. You are so right; as believers we have everything to look forward to. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Not to copy Mrs. T, but yes, another beautiful post! I am with Rugar, the mention of your Mom always brings a smile to me too. She is a precious gem! She always brings joy to us when she visits, the kids LOVE to sing around the piano with her (and I love to watch as it is a precious memory I never want to forget).

    Two kids are ready for science so I must go.