Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Day Out With the Ladies

Today I took Mom and our friend, Evelyn, out to Bradford. Before we were scheduled to leave my brother informed me that I would not be able to drive out the last 1/4 mile of the road or down Mom's driveway, as it is a skating rink. Syd had gotten sand last night and got our two hills on the 4th class road sanded this morning but ran out of sand and just figured that Mom's driveway looked like ours - snow still covering much of it, therefore just a slushy mess but able to "get a grip" - not so! My brother suggested that I walk in to Mom's house from our other brother's log cabin. So that we did!

 I parked the car where the worst of the ice began, in front of our brother, Dennis' cabin.
 And walked up over the hill and through the field - to Grandmother's house we go!
All the while, avoiding THIS, her driveway
 Here comes Trooper Mom. She exclaimed, "well, we're getting our morning walk!"
 Over the hill, then down to Dennis' cabin; just a little slippery there.
And here we are at the car and soon we'll be on our way to Bradford. At least we didn't have to walk ALL the way!

We proceeded to pick up Evelyn and had clear sailing over Eagle Hollow Road. We did a little shopping and enjoyed a nice lunch at the Chinese restaurant, poked around in a thrift store and drug store, then went to Evelyn's hair appointment. 
 We waited  patiently for the food to come and when it came...
...we got ALOT!  We each took half of it home.
It was a fun day.  Syd's out sanding everything thoroughly now; though Mom and I got home too early and again made the trek over the hill and through the field, as Mom exclaimed, "Well, we're getting our afternoon walk in!"


  1. Looks like you had a fun day! I did not think your Mom would mind the walk :).
    I think I would like to visit that restaurant :)!

  2. That did look like fun and I completely agree with one happywife...I would like to visit that restaurant.:)

  3. So glad you took the girls out for lunch. Looks Yummy!! I just bet Dotty loved her walk, Rain, Snow, Ice, Wind or whatever she loves her walk!