Friday, January 27, 2012

Icing On a Gray Day!

As I lay in my loft bed at Mom's last night, the icy drops clattered against the tin roof. Later I awoke to the sound of heavy rain and couldn't imagine what the early morning drive down to the house, and then down to work (only in town) would be like. It had snowed a few inches before the rain and ice came. So today is deeply slushy and many limbs strew the ground. I am including pictures of what I saw when I went to eat with Mom this noon. Sadly, a couple of her sturdy birches (though these two were "leaners") have split. Believe it or not, the one across the driveway is just bent over and ice has done this many times in the past. I have been able to take the car under it before, but did not do so today. Three years ago, Syd drove under it and lost a side mirror on his truck! This one should straighten again. Two trees are likely lost, though. When I was driving up the class 4 road toward our house I saw a sizeable tree, sheared off and laying in the neighbor's yard. As we are settled beneath many large poplars and maples, I prayed, "Lord, please don't let one be on our house." House was safe and sound.

While we enjoyed our warm soup, crackers, cheese and coffee...the birds had a cold lunch! Here you can get an idea of how the ice is almost 1/2 inch thick so far. 
 The apple tree, thick with icing and I loved this poplar, bowed over, making an arch across the road. This one is on the way down toward our house.

When I got to Mom's she had chicken and rice soup on the stove, coffee made and the table set. She took me literally when I called her and said, "The dogs and I will come up and have a little lunch with you." The dogs each got a carrot. It was a nice treat. Now the dogs are tucked away, back in the warm house until Syd and I get home. Syd's first order of business is to go to Mom's, especially on an afternoon like this, to clean up snow and check on her. He's so good to her and he shows how much he loves her daily. I am so thankful for this!

So, that's the news from Darling Hill. I wouldn't venture up today. We look forward to sun tomorrow!

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