Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two Tired, but Happy One-Year-Olds!

We really had a fun gathering last Saturday, celebrating the Grand-nieces first birthday! I guess they slept well that night, hopefully Mommy and Daddy did too. Theme was The Hungry Caterpillar, as you can see:

Everything was festive and bright. Food was delicious; grilled burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings.
We brought a fruit salad. Both Syd and I had fun cutting out flowers and other shapes for garnishing. I had never had star fruit before. All I did was cut through and stick the stars on the plate, etc. Syd said that he and Machias determined that it tastes like "sweet grass"...which I always called "sour grass".

Ready for Lunch!
...Then the ears went on for enjoying cake!

...Lots of great cake!

And don't forget the presents. Madison started helping with gifts, but sleep won out. Katelyn stuck it out for the duration. We all enjoyed the fun gifts. Lots of clothes and plenty of toys too.
Great Grammy (Mom) and the Great Grandpa (on the Mommy's side) did a lot of visiting. Mom actually was happy in this photo, I caught her off guard and didn't notice that she wasn't smiling or I would have taken another picture!

Some of the cousins made it too. Here's Diana with little Titus. Sorry I didn't get more pictures of the guests. I was using my Sweetie's phone camera and kept having to go and retrieve it from the safety of his pocket (knowing me, I may have laid it down somewhere and misplaced it, otherwise).

It was a very fun day with family and friends! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MADISON AND KATELYN!

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