Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy in 'Doing'

The last few days in a little devotional called, "Feature", the Scripture has been from John 15.
Today's ended with verse 17, "If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them."
Praise God for His simplicity and finality!

Are you happy today? really happy? Am I? God's Word does not lie. Whoever will see Jesus Christ for who He truly is (therefore accepting Him as Savior) and THEN, as a true believer, is obedient to the Word of God will truly BE a HAPPY person. I was reminded this week - 'don't forget, we do not get to pick and choose which Scriptures we want to be obedient to'.

If I am  miserable it is my own fault! 

We have seen many answers to prayer this week. Today we have another 18 inches (at least) of new snow on the ground also! The power is back on and I'm headed to the post office to fill in for the postmaster who just couldn't make it over the mountain today.

I know I didn't mention it on the blogs, but thanks to all of you who prayed for Mom's surgery yesterday. It was same-day and she's doing very well. Please pray for healing and less and less pain each day. God is so good!

Take care if you are in the midst of this storm. Thank you for stopping by the Hill today.

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