Friday, July 18, 2014

A Refreshing Recipe

We were grilling chicken last night and wanted something kind of sweet/tart to put on it. Over the weekend we had heard of someone putting a WHOLE lemon in the blender and adding some spices to it. We did a variation and it turned out GREAT. Thought I'd share this really simple, refreshing recipe with you.

We decided to call it...
Zingy Citrus Sauce
Wash 1 lemon (thoroughly; I use vinegar and water)
Peel 1/2 of the zest away, but leave plenty of zest on (to taste, I guess)
Slice lengthwise, simply so that you can get all seeds out
Put all in the blender with: (amounts are all relative, but the combination is great)
A splash of lime juice, if you have it
Another splash of water
A teaspoon or so of honey
A little salt and pepper
1 small handful of wild strawberries

Blend it up thoroughly and serve it cold over your grilled chicken (or pork would be good too)
We had done lightly curried chicken breasts. I wanted to do ginger chicken, but Syd had already sprinkled with curry before I caught him. It was really good and gave that chicken a Zing!

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  1. Oh yummy. I LOVE grilled chicken though I do not grill I should learn how. :) That sounds absolutely perfect.