Friday, October 12, 2012

Count Your Blessings

It is a blessing to me to still have my mother upon this earth. I am sorry for those of you who do not have yours and I hope this post doesn't make you feel sad as I speak of my wonderful mother.

In a phone conversation the other day, my mom and I were talking about the many blessings the Lord brings us every day and the way that He has always provided for us in the past, as in the present. She said that she had been out on her deck thanking Him for all these blessings and I was telling her how He often has impressed me to write them down, which I have done - and the list just keeps growing! I have many journals, some of them even have excerpts written in them! Others are still blank. One of these would serve as a good vessel in which to write this list, starting from the time I began my Christian life and continuing to the present, leaving plenty of room to list the future ones as well.   If you're like me, you can still think back 30 years or more and remember the things which God brought into your life to shape you into what you are today. I want to start this Blessings Journal soon. What a joy, if the Lord tarries, it will be to read it in my old age. I do pray though that the Lord comes to take us out of this old world soon! don't you?

Mom was hard at work this day, while 'you-know-who' rests at her feet!
Just some thoughts on blessings. I want to count mine daily, like Mom does.

Thanks for stopping by the hill today.


  1. If I had to choose just one thing your Mom has taught me it would be to be thankful! There is not a time (that I can recall) I have seen her that she had not have word of praise for something that God has done in her life.

  2. Cyndy,
    This was so encouraging. "With my mouth will I make known HIS faithfulness." Thank you for sharing. I have been encouraged.
    Loretta, :O)
    Hebrews 10:24

  3. I sometimes feel sad that Mom is not with me anymore, but would not have changed anything about spending those last few years with her. Though she could not remember very well, she was so sweet and love the Lord so well. What a good example she was to me and others. I am looking forward to seeing her again in heaven one day. I really would not want her to be here since she is so much happier in the presence of her God. Your mom is very special to all of us who know her. I love your pictures.

    Hope you have a happy day!

    1. Your dear mother and mine were so alike! and loved each other much. Yes, though they don't remember well, it is a joy spending time with Godly women. Thanks for you testimony through those years!