Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hill Happenings

Hi to all my friends visiting the Hill this morning!! It's been a long time since I've written and there's really so much going on. As you know, we've had trouble with our internet at home. At one point we thought we had it fixed (paid the 125.00 to have it fixed) but have only had about three short sessions that we've been able to get on since!!! That was three weeks ago. We've been on the phone with the server and are thoroughly disgusted and awaiting it being taken care of. Wouldn't mind so much, if they'd just stop charging us the monthly fee. Enough of that...

I am laughing this morning in response to someone's reaction to one of the recent blog posts. I really should read the posts "through someone else's eyes" before I publish them, I guess. My Aunt emailed, concerned that I am so afraid of mice.  On one of the recent posts I had mentioned about when I see a mouse, I don't rest until he's not running around my house anymore. I just wanted to clear up,  I'm not afraid of mice. They're actually adorable and soft, I just hate the thought of them crawling around on my furniture, counter tops and bathroom & kitchen shelves. I have open shelving and my dishes are all exposed to those cute little, dirty mousie feet. The mention of it was mostly to point out how trivial my little "trials" are while the early Christians had to wander about in rocks and caves of the earth (imagine the mice and rats there), being hunted for their very lives.

My white hydrangea bush is in bloom, as are the white foxglove and rose campion. The tall flox (also white) are about to pop open! Originally, I had planned on having an all-white garden, including any flowers that produced a silvery-gray leaf . However, a few zinnias and bright colored annuals now grow amongst the white. I had seen a beautiful photo of a tiny house which was set into the edge of the forest, therefore it was a somewhat dark setting. The white flowers, trees and silvery "greenery" made it literally come alive. It lightened it up so much. We are located on the north side of Darling Hill and are shaded much of the time. Perhaps one day the white flowered perennials and flowering trees will lighten up the front of our little cabin. I would much rather have the Lord come and take us Home any day now though, wouldn't you?

It's hard to believe, this huge hydrangea (just showing one end of it) only produced  one "ball" of flowers last year!

My neighbor gave me a gift certificate to a nearby greenhouse because I watered her flowers for part of a week! With it I purchased the pretty white foxglove

abundant lilies

The rose campion, with it's silvery leaves and stems

I have pictures to show you. There has been construction and improvements done at our house and you all have been part of it. I hesitate to post pictures yet, as it is all still underway. If you can be patient (really, if I can be!) photos should be revealed within the next couple of weeks.
well....never mind...since the house showed in the background of one of those flower photos, I'll show you now (hee, hee!)
Our dear friends came on Saturday and sure did a TON of work! Don't know what we would do without Dennis
The poor little garden out front suffered some trampling, but seems to have survived
Syd is still working on the cute little log stoop at the front door. The roofing on it will likely be the shingles, but perhaps the "siding". What color do YOU think the trim work should be? It's still up in the air.

Syd stepped in a hole and turned his ankle (crunching involved) early into the project on Saturday. My friend, Dottie, could not talk him into icing it right away. I was at work at the PO for the morning. Syd asked for his work boots, laced them up VERY tight, and poured ice cold water down his boot & kept right on working, all day (he repeated with ice water at least two more times). He was in a lot of pain and ended up on crutches Sunday and Monday, but it seems to be getting less painful every day. I do not even think he took his crutches to work today. Poor dear, he was so anxious to get this project completed that he just didn't think he could stop, so he didn't.

enjoying a quick lunch, then Sarah made us a nice chicken dinner later (she is pictured to left). Our dear friends, the Rs come and help us out on all kinds of projects!
Denny conquered an orange peel in one single strand!
We have been blessed to have an old friend, Sarah,  move back into the area. She's not old, but she's an old friend and we've gotten to see her twice since she's returned from the South. We are praying for her as she seeks employment and a permanent place to live (temporarily, as her home is Heaven also). I don't know if you've noticed but there is a spot for Prayer Requests now, to the right of the blog posts here. These needs are things that fellow-bloggers have asked prayer concerning and also needs of our own local church. I hope you'll mention any special requests in your "comments" so that they could be added to the prayer list.

I'm so glad you stopped by the Hill today to share in some of the changes we've seen. Come back again too, o.k.? Remember to leave a comment if you have an idea for the trim color on house. It must be a stain, as I do not want to paint and re-paint. The challenge is, the windows have been trimmed out for a while, therefore already weathered some. The corner posts and one other window are brand new barn board; matching may be tricky.

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